Fringe Celebrates 100 Episodes [Photos]

With the show winding to a close, it’s clear that the people at Fringe wish to celebrate the end of their show instead of mourn it. Recently, the major particulars involved with the show got together to celebrate 100 episodes of the engaging sci-fi series.

The pictures seem to tell the story of an enjoyable experience for all involved. However, I couldn’t help but come away with several other takeaways.

*J. H. Wyman was dared to wear his hair like that. It’s the only acceptable reason to look that ridiculous. Alternatively, I will accept that he was in the middle of reenacting the scene from There’s Something About Mary.

*Anna Torv is a striking woman. That is all.

*Clearly, Joshua Jackson couldn’t be bothered to comb his hair.

*I like that J. J. Abrams was there. You think the people there remembered who he was. Did they recognize him as “That Lost Guy”? Also, J. J. thought so little of the occasion that the dude couldn’t even slip into some slacks. Apparently, he was in too big of a rush to get back to the Revolution set.

*I feel like I need more shots of the food. We get some cold seafood shots and the cake. What was the spread like? Who catered it? Was there a pasta? I have so many food questions.

What else can you glean from the party photos? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.

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