Exclusive Interview: Lesley Nicol Talks Downton Abbey Season 3, Mrs. Patmore, A Message For The Fans and More

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Downton Abbey finished airing its third season in the UK (you can read all our reviews here), but for everyone in the US, the fate of the Crawleys and their staff at Downton Abbey this season is still unknown… but not for long. The series returns on Sunday, January 6th at 9pm on PBS.

Lesley Nicol who plays the tough but lovable Mrs. Patmore took some time to answer a few burning questions from TV Equals about season 3 of the series.

What is coming up for Mrs. Patmore in this new season?

Lesley Nicol: There are interesting new developments for Mrs. Patmore – changes in some already existing relationships – and some brand new and unexpected ones too!

How is her relationship with Daisy going to evolve?

Lesley Nicol: You will have to watch to see how it evolves – but there are new staff in the kitchen so the dynamic in there gets turned upside down.

What can you tease about the new season of “Downton Abbey”?

Lesley Nicol: As you know we can’t talk in detail – and I don’t believe people want us to spoil it for them – but it has its fair share of huge highs and lows – maybe more this season than ever before!

What has been the most surprising part of being in “Downton Abbey” for you?

Lesley Nicol: Its massive appeal to people of such a wide age range, and from literally all over the world. It doesn’t seem to matter if their country is completely different, they are able to find a character, or characters that they are interested in and relate to even.

Do you have a message for the fans as they get ready to watch the third season?

Lesley Nicol: I have only seen 6 episodes as I came over here whilst it was airing in the UK, but the hope is it is the best season yet – hope so, let’s see what you think!!

If you guest star on any other show, which one would it be?

Lesley Nicol: I would absolutely love to do something here in the states – you have a lot of great things being produced here – a comedy maybe – where I get to wear make-up even, instead of none ! Actually no – on second thoughts it matters much more to me that it is really funny – I don’t mind looking like the back end of a bus, as long as its funny !!!!!