Castle Season 5: The Season (So Far) in Review

Castle Season 5 Episode 9 Secret Santa (8)

Now that the popular ABC series Castle is in its fifth season, it seemed time for Kate (Stana Katic) and Richard (Nathan Fillion) to finally come together as a couple; and thankfully that has come to fruition – without the dreaded (and much-talked about) “Moonlighting” curse.

But with that newly-formed (but long-in-the-waiting) relationship comes all the transitions that every couple must traverse. In the beginning the couple kept their relationship secret; but, of course, that couldn’t be kept from his wise mother Martha (Susan Sullivan) nor Kevin (Seamus Dever), who learned about their relationship during an investigation.

That secret was revealed soon enough to everyone else, including Alexis (Molly Quinn), Javier (Jon Huertas) and Lanie (Tamala Jones); but thankfully not to Captain Gates (Penny Johnson) who could cause trouble for our crime-solvers – since they are “partners” (so to speak) at the precinct.

That love affair isn’t the only thing going on in the fifth season, of course, when Castle is accused of a brutal murder that was actually perpetrated by the Triple Killer (otherwise known as 3XK) who nearly takes the lives of both Beckett and Castle. In the end, Castle shoots the killer multiple times in order to save Kate’s life and the murderer presumably falls to his death (but a body is never found).

In lighter moments, Castle and his mother send Alexis off to college while investigating a crazy storage compartment mystery as well as the teams’ visit to a Comic Con-like fan convention where it is revealed that Kate was obsessed with a short-lived TV series (much like Fillion’s much-beloved former TV series ‘Firefly’) called Nebula 9 and the antics of the entire team when a documentary crew follows them around as they investigate the tragic death of an up-and-coming rocker.

Of course, there has been the inter-relations between Kate’s dad (Scott Paulin) and Richard’s mom – which was a bit rough around the edges at first – but then got smoothed over due to the “’rents” finding a little common ground. And, there were the complications of celebrating the holiday – their first as a couple – together, which, at first, seemed to be slightly derailed because they have both spent their past holidays in very different ways; but – thankfully – came to a happy ending.

But the best parts of the story are yet to come as more new episodes of the fifth season of ‘Castle’ continue in the new year. The next new episode of ‘Castle’ will air on ABC on Monday, January 7 at 10/9c.

Mark your calendars!