American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2 “Unholy Night” Review

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It was Santa Claus versus Sister Jude tonight as Ian McShane guest starred as Leigh, a serial killer that arrived at Briarcliff after murdering 15 people dressed as Santa. Leigh finds that donning the red suit helps him remember his “Christmas Spirit”, which just happens to be tying people up in their Christmas lights and murdering them under their trees. Needless to say, Leigh finds himself at Briarcliff, and as we see in a flashback, Sister Jude didn’t approve of his antics.

During a photo shoot for the paper, Leigh literally bites off the nose (possibly the cheek? I wasn’t sure.) off of an orderly that was nicely handing out Christmas presents. The funny part of this is that it happened right after Sister Jude told him that he would never be released from the shackles for the rest of his life. His little stunt landed him in solitary where Sister Jude left him to rot.

However, now with Sister Mary Eunice in charge of Briarcliff, it’s time for a Santa to suit back up and start unwrapping his presents. During a pretty creepy opening, Eunice has the residents of Briarcliff “donate” different parts of themselves (dentures, ribbons with locks of hair) to be used as ornaments on the communal Christmas tree. The Monsignor graces Briarcliff with a gorgeous red and white star to place on top of the tree, and as Frank goes to place it on the highest branch, Leigh knocks the ladder over and slices the guard’s face open with the ornament.

Mary Eunice doesn’t realize that Arden is working with Jude to get the devil out of the young nun, but figures out that something is amiss and sends Leigh into Jude’s old office to pay the old director a visit. In a (not so) surprising twist, Eunice and Arden are actually working together and leave Jude locked with Leigh. This is where American Horror Story pulls no punches (literally) and let’s Leigh open up against his captor, pulling out the very switches that Sister Jude initially used on him before throwing him in solitary. I was actually surprised at how tame of a scene it actually was. I was expecting a lot more blood and beating between Santa and the nun, if not just for shock value alone.

But leave it to American Horror Story to want us needing more – Bloody Face returns just as Lana is ready to call the cops. In a terrifying (and incredibly creatively lit scene) Thresdon expresses his distaste and disappointment in Lana. And just when it looks like Lana is done for, Kit arrives to knock out Thresdon. He stops Lana from killing him since without the doctor, Kit ends up in the electric chair, but does help her restrain him in a supply closet.

So where does that leave everyone else? Well, Arden has now seen the aliens, Grace’s body is missing, and Eunice has no idea that Jude is alive. Will Jude be able to save Eunice from Satan? Or will evil win over American Horror Story? One thing for certain, I will never look at Santa the same way again. Over all, another good episode for American Horror Story, but I was a little disappointed in this particular episode and am looking forward to next week.

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