The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Review “The Parking Spot Escalation” – All Your Space Now Belong to Sheldon

When the university gave Howard the parking spot that Sheldon could have had if he’d ever started driving, things quickly descended into all out war in “The Parking Spot Escalation,” last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. And it wasn’t just the boys fighting; their conflict spilled over to Amy and Bernadette, but the person who paid the biggest price was poor Penny.

Everyone knows to stay out of Sheldon’s spot, but Howard never imagined that when he got a new car and a parking space to go along with it, that Sheldon would claim that tiny piece of the world, too. In all honesty, Sheldon didn’t really have any grounds to complain; if he wanted his spot, he should have gotten a car and started driving himself to work like a big boy. But for all of Sheldon’s Vulcan-esque qualities, common sense is the one that so often escapes him.

The fight got ugly fast, but Howard sitting on Sheldon’s couch cushion naked was the low point…until the girls got involved. At first it seemed like Bernadette and Amy were just going to shake their heads at the stupid fight between their men, but then Amy “went there” and Bernadette felt compelled to stick up for her husband. She did get in some particularly low blows, thought, especially when she made references to Amy’s non-existent sex life with Sheldon. Ouch. Like the girl’s not all-too aware that she’s not getting any!

In the end, Penny suffered the most after Amy took a swing at Bernadette with her purse and ended up smacking her bestie right in the face. Although the two couples eventually made up, their reunion did nothing to heal Penny’s broken nose. You’ve gotta think that at times like these, she really wonders why she still hangs out with these people.

Raj and Leonard took a bit of a backseat this week, choosing not to take sides like the girls, obviously proving that they really are as smart as advertised. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the entire night, what has already become an internet meme, was Sheldon sitting naked in Howard’s new car in retribution for his beloved couch cushion. It’s those moments of physical comedy that keep Sheldon from being a robot and make him the insane character that we love…but would never want to know in real life.

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