Supernatural Chat – How Do You Feel About Time Travel?

Supernatural has been known for bending the fabric of time in several episodes. Dean has been zapped back to the 1970s to meet his parents, Dean and Sam have both been sent back to protect their parents from renegade angels, and Dean has been sent to the future to see what would happen if he didn’t say “yes” to Michael. Those are just a few ways that time travel has played a part in the Supernatural universe.

Recently a bit of casting news has surfaced for a family member on John’s side which can lead us to deduce that time travel is coming back to Supernatural. I won’t spoil you guys on what exactly is going to happen or how the time travel works this time, but this news led me to wonder how the fans feel about these time travel episodes.

We’ve primarily seen the boys heading back in time. I’m always a fan of back story and that’s mainly what is shown in these sort of episodes. I love knowing how the events of present day came to be, what sort of people the characters were before they turned into the people that we know and love.

I would love see an episode of Dean with John and Mary before Sam came along. We got to see little snippets in “Dark Side of the Moon”, but seeing Dean as a little boy with a happy family would just make his story all the more heartbreaking.

So, I’m a big fan of going back to the past and seeing the character development and meeting new family members. I was also okay with the time travel episodes that have sent Sam and Dean back to work different cases. Who didn’t love seeing the boys as cowboys in “Frontierland”? And Sam getting to meet Samuel Colt was pretty awesome, too. See? Everything ties in and serves a purpose.

Where I run into issues with time travel is when it is thrown in just for the sake of having something different to work with. When Dean was sent back to work with Elliot Ness in “Time after Time after Time” nothing was really gained aside from Dean getting join the untouchables and Sam getting closer to Sheriff Mills.

While it was an entertaining episode, it was a throw away and waste of the time travel concept. Even in “The End” Dean was being shown the sort of consequence his actions would have if he didn’t say “yes” to Michael and if Lucifer jumped inside of Sam. It also let us see pretty deep into the dark corners of Dean’s mind and what exactly would happen if the boys continued down the path that they were currently on. That ultimately led to Dean doing exactly the opposite of Zachariah’s plan, and in the end, leading Sam to save the world.

While this entire Supernatural Chat seems like a billboard for why I love time travel in episodes, I know that there are people that share the exact opposite opinion. I’d love to hear from you and what your feelings are towards the use of time travel in a show that doesn’t really need to be jumping all across a time line.

Until next time, Supernatural fans!

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