New Girl Season 2 Review “Bathtub” – Splish, Splash

Who doesn’t love a bubble bath? As we found out in”Bathtub,” this week’s episode of New Girl, it’s Nick and Schmidt, of course. That’s only half-expected; I would have thought Schmidt would be into baths.

Jess wanted a tub, but the boys voted down her suggestion. She thought it was a lost cause until Winston revealed that he too secretly loved to bathe. They pooled their money, bought an old claw-foot, filled it on the roof…only to end up flooding the apartment directly over Schmidt’s suit collection.

Rather than get the suits dry-cleaned right away (a solution they only came up with at the very last moment), Jess and Winston ransacked the apartment and claimed that meth-heads had gotten in and stolen the suits for drug money.

This might have raised more questions for Schmidt if he hadn’t been going through some personal stuff. Faced with the possibility of a big promotion at work, Schmidt was in the perfect place when he found out that CeCe broke up with Robby. In one of the sweetest Schmidt scenes ever, he made a plea to CeCe to give him a chance to be the man in her life and the father of her children.

It might have worked if he hadn’t been all but forced to stay at work and get drunk with his boss/former lover as they prepped a campaign for a vitamin-laced vodka. CeCe wasn’t happy when he showed up late and tipsy; with Schmidt curled up on her couch, CeCe called her mother and asked if she could be set up with a nice Indian boy. A devastated Schmidt took comfort with Jess and Winston and his miraculously returned, very clean suits.

I did really like the bonding between Jess and Winston in this episode when they discovered they share a tendency towards panic attacks. Theirs is the most underdeveloped friendship in the show, so it was nice to see them have some really funny screen time together.

During all of this, Nick got way too involved with a patron at his bar who crossed the line from hot to crazy (guest star Olivia Munn). After nearly getting killed by her jealous boyfriend, he ended up a strip club trying to pull his new squeeze off her co-worker, the wife of her boyfriend. Yet for all of this, Nick still might try to make this happen.

He really just needs to jump in the bath with Jess.

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