Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Review “Ha’awe Make Loa” – Fulfilling a Dying Wish

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 8 Ha'awe Make Loa

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0 called, “Ha’awe Make Loa” (Hawaiian for “Death Wish”), most of the team is trying to find a bank robber, while Danny spends his time hanging out with, I mean protecting, supermodels.

As soon as they said that the bank robbers only got away with five-thousand dollars, I knew that this was more than just your standard robbery. Right away I started to think that the whole thing was some elaborate hit for Rogers, but I didn’t see it being set up so that he could be the hero to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex- wife and little girl. The fact that it was Rogers’ dying wish because he had terminal cancer was a nice touch, too. I still enjoy how this show can bring us what appears to be a standard storyline and then throw it on its ear.

As for the secondary story, it was slightly less enjoyable to watch. No doubt having a Victoria’s Secret supermodel like Behati on the show is great for ratings, but I couldn’t help but to wish that Danny was back with the team and working the case with everyone else. Though I do have to admit that I did enjoy that it gave him the chance to be the hero, not just once, but twice; first he got to save the model from her crazy stalker, and then he got to show up just in the nick of time (driving his own car, no less) to save Steve. So maybe Danny spending his time with supermodels wasn’t so bad after all.

My favorite bits..

“Here I thought the reason you came in every week was to see me.” “It is. Uh..”

Aw, Max and his crush are cute.

“I know a great sushi place; serves raw fish.”

Ha, never seen the boys look so happy at the idea of getting frisked.

Danny, of course, volunteering to stay with the models.

“Why are you giving me a look? They called you, not me.”

Steve telling Danny to behave himself.

OMG, the bank robbers are shapeshifters!!…..oh wait, wrong show.

“Okay, I just have to ask: where are their heads?”

Kono putting on the Island Hottie sweatshirt.

The models immediately picking up that Danny was not only a cop, but a dad.

Danny showing pics of Grace to the models.

Don’t know why, but I’m feeling very distrustful of this Jim guy for some reason.

Laughing my arse off at the guy dancing in the grass skirt.

“Hands in the air.”
“Whoa, lower them a just little.”

Best. Footchase. Ever.

Steve grabbing for the guy and succeeding in only stripping him bare-ass naked.

“What’s he wearing? Nothing. That’s right, he’s bare-ass naked.”

Steve leaving the handcuffing of their nekkid suspect to Kono.

Max putting the ice on Sabrina’s lips. Very sweet.

Wait. I was wrong. THIS is the best footchase ever. Dang. That was intense.

Danny getting there just in time to shoot the crazy stalker lady. Whew.

Danny (driving his own car!) getting there just in time (and Kono and Chin, too) to save Steve.

Max taking Sabrina out on a “date” in the hospital cafeteria. The menu on the paper plate was beyong adorable.

Steve giving up before trying to explain was tweeting was to Danny.

“Whoa, what’re thanking him for? He didn’t do anything. I did everything.”

Kamekona and his friend sneaking into the party with Steve and Danny’s passes. Ha!

“What’re the odds that I get her phone number?”

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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