Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “Sparks Fly” – Tisket, Tasket

Borrowing from one of my favorite shows of all time, the citizens of Bluebell held a picnic basket date auction in “Sparks Fly,” this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie. Just like when Gilmore Girls did it, baskets and dates got totally mixed up to somewhat surprising results, but unlike in Star Hollow, it was the men who put the baskets together and got bid on for dates.

Wade decided he wanted to date Zoe for real, and because Wade apparently gets to decide exactly when everything in this relationship happens, he immediately got huffy when Zoe didn’t automatically jump on board. I’m sorry; I realize he’s the fan favorite for her fair hand, but he’s kind of driving me up a wall lately. He’s always talking down to Zoe, making her feel like crap for just being her neurotic self. Why does he always get to be right? Why is it always Zoe who left looking like the bad guy just because she has a hard time figuring out what Wade wants from her?

Maybe she does still have feelings for George and maybe she was a little surprised that he clicked with Tansy, but Wade needs to take a chill pill sometimes. It’s lucky for him that Zoe is so neurotic; a normal woman would have an expectation of equality in the relationship. Sometimes it seems like Wade doesn’t actually like Zoe; he likes her body, sure, but her personality…not so much.

So, yeah. Tansy and George. This is happening. As is Brick Breeland and George’s cast-off, Shelby. Apparently, George likes his new, unpredictable side and Brick likes a woman with an organized closet.

Ruby took a break from planning out her new life in Dallas to try to bid on Lavon’s basket, only to forget to look at the contents before the auction. Lemon, hoping to land a date with the cute dentist, accidentally bid and won Ruby’s date with Lavon. Awkward! They reminisced a little and danced a little, but ultimately nothing happened. Lemon ended up at the Rammer Jammer with the dentist while Ruby and Lavon committed themselves to making it work long-distance.

So, it looks like Wade and Zoe are temporarily over, but does anyone really believe they’re through? Probably not. Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s great for reconciliations, welcome or not.

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