2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the New Boss”

On this week’s “2 Broke Girls,” Max had to get in touch with her inner boss, ergo the title “And the New Boss.” With the help of Sophie’s seed money, our girls rented out the former soup kitchen to house their cupcake business. The only problem was, they didn’t have the proper time to get the work done that needed to be done in order to get the space in shape for the store to open, what with their day jobs at the diner. With that in mind, Caroline suggested getting an intern to do their dirty work, which didn’t sit well with Max.

Having been the one taking orders her entire working life, she wasn’t used to calling the shots herself, much less laying down the law to errant employees. It didn’t help matters that she and Caroline had to go the unpaid intern route, hiring someone to work solely for college credit, which Max didn’t think was fair.

Max: “Sorry, I’m against getting people to work for free.”
Earl: “I’m with you, Max. My people were interns for 436 years!”

Nonetheless, it was a necessary evil, so the girls went with the adorable Abby Elliott, late of “Saturday Night Live.” I kind of hate that she didn’t last longer on the show, as she had some funny moments here and there, notably her dead-on imitations of Angelina Jolie and one of the Kardashians. Either way, she was cute here, though almost too effective, as she completely nailed the vapid sorority girl type to such an extent that it made her more annoying than funny. She got off exactly one good line: “Sorry I’m late. I was having a dream that I was sleeping in and then I woke up and I was!”

Needless to say from that quote, Elliott’s intern was wholly ineffective, albeit mostly because Max outright refused to order her to do anything, instead falling back on her old habits and poking fun at Caroline as the “real” boss. As if that weren’t bad enough, the girls discovered they had a mouse problem…make that a rat.

Max: “That is not a mouse. That is a car a mouse drives!”

Caroline, after Max refers to the rat as a “he”: “How do you know it’s a he?”
Max: “He looked at me kind of rapey.”
Caroline: “Should we call the cops?”
Max: “He doesn’t have a gun!”

Somewhat shockingly, Caroline sprung into action and beat the rat to death with a paint roller! I’m guessing PETA won’t be thrilled. As she did so, Caroline let out a yelp of alarming frequency- one that she repeated later on that night…in bed. Max charged in, freaking out, turning on the light to expose Caroline and Andy, caught in the act.

Max: “Sorry! Your sex voice is the same as your murder voice!”
Caroline: “So, are you just going to stand there?”
Max: “Are you offering me a three-way?” (Doorbell rings.) “Well, it looks like we’re about to be a full-blown orgy.”

Turned out it was Abby, who Caroline sent on a wild goose chase to get enema supplies (!) to teach her a lesson. After she left, Caroline had some explaining to do.

Caroline: “We’ve all gotten someone an enema in the middle of night- it’s a rite of passage!”
Andy: “For some to get their passage right?”
Max: “Beat me to it.” (Well played, Andy. Well played…)

Caroline only got more and more frustrated from there, especially when the intern sent an accidental text dissing her.

Max: “Why are you so interested in where she is, what’s she’s doing? Are you obsessed with her?”
Caroline: “Max, I don’t want to make a purse out of her skin. I just want her to do her job.”
Max: “Yeah, for free. Why don’t you just hollow her out and live inside her, you monster?!!”

Inevitably, the intern had to be let go, which Caroline forced Max to do. She wasn’t happy about it at first, but she finally rose to the occasion when the intern slighted her, taking relish in doing so. It was nice to see Max get assertive in such an authoritative way, given her propensity for talking smack about people behind their backs or under her breath. I mean, not that she’s above talking smack to them to their face, obviously, but this was a nice bit of growth in the direction of growing up for the character that was nice to see. Our little Max is growing up, right before our very eyes!

As per usual, some great lines scattered throughout. Those not mentioned already include:

Max: “I’m gonna go look in the mirror- make sure I’m still dead in the eyes.”

Caroline, unsure what to do with a choking customer: “What do you do when someone is choking?”
Oleg: “I usually just back off a few inches.” (Um, wow. A choking joke in prime time. Wonders never cease.)

Max, to the diminutive Hans: “You solved the big mystery, Short-lock Holmes.”

Max, commenting on the state of the pie display: “There’s so much mold going on in there, that cherry pie’s gonna need a pap smear.”

Max: “That was some ballsy, bold, in-your-face, awesome lying.”
Caroline: “I learned it from watching you, Dad!”

Andy, overhearing a comment from Caroline about tearing something up: “What are we tearing up? ‘Cause if it’s that ass, I already got that covered.”

Max, on Caroline’s unorthodox painting style: “I’m painting. You’ve got a kind of autistic ballerina thing going on over there.”

Caroline, commenting on the intern’s lack of skills: “We have a box right here that’s not been touched!”
Max: “We’re not talking about your relationship anymore.”

Good stuff all around. Maybe this week’s “2 Broke Girls” wasn’t up to the standards of the last few weeks, but it was still pretty solid. What did you think? Are you liking the direction the show’s going in? Do you foresee a time in which the girls leave the diner, and will you miss it? I’m sure they’ll still go and visit at the very least, but still. Let me know what you think in the comments!