The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Battle of the Proxies”

The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 10 Battle Of The Proxies (3)

This episode of The Good Wife was pretty standard, but it was ok. We got to see a lot more of ASA Hellinger and I’m really liking her interactions with Will. But my biggest takeaway: it looks like Nick is gone. Hallelujah!

A few thoughts about “Battle of the Proxies”:

The case of the week was rather different because it wasn’t just one case. Not exactly. A young girl was murdered after a rock concert, and there were two people on trial for her murder but in different counties. The victim’s ex-boyfriend was on trial in Manuka County and the guy the victim attended the concert with was on trial in Cook County. The trials were proceeding simultaneously, and the attorney for each defendant was trying to wait out the other trial. If one of the defendants was found guilty, then the other could use that guilty verdict in his favor. Everybody got it? Good. At any rate, Will and Co. were defending the man accused of the murder in Cook County, so he sent Alicia to Manuka to assist the DA in obtaining a guilty verdict. ASA Hellinger got wise to what Will was doing, so she sent one of her colleagues to Manuka to help the defense attorney obtain a not guilty verdict. This extremely unorthodox approach to trial strategy led to a rather amusing argument in front of the Manuka County judge (the always delightful Stephen Root) and some speed-bumps for Will. I understand wanting to win your case and all, but shouldn’t the real object here be making sure that the right person gets brought to justice? All of the attorneys involved seemed like they were more concerned about one-upping their opponent than seeking the truth. About halfway through the trial, Will and Co. realized that their client was indeed the guilty party, but since he was their client, they still had to vigorously defend him. Nobody was happy about it, but they did what they had to do. Ultimately, both juries found both defendants guilty. After the trial, though, Will approached ASA Hellinger and said that since their case was over, they were discharged from their duty to their client and they would give whatever evidence they had that may help the innocent ex-boyfriend in his appeal.

I really like ASA Hellinger and she looks like a very good sparring partner for Will. She’s experienced and smart, but she’s also quick-witted. Her little jabs at Will during their trial were fun to watch. I think Will may be developing an attraction for her because she’s obviously pretty, but I think he’s also developed respect for her as a very good lawyer. She’s still a little green as far as civilian courts, but she’s proving to be a pretty quick study. She doesn’t let Will get away with his old tricks and she doesn’t seem to be falling for his charm…yet. I think Will likes the fact that she keeps him on his toes. I know I do. I hope she gets to stick around.

Thankfully it looks like we’re done with the Nick/Kalinda creepiness. Nick showed up to the office to tell Alicia that he wanted Carey off his case. When Alicia asked why, Nick said that Carey had accused him of using his tow trucks to transport drugs. Alicia said she was going to discuss it with the partners, but instead she came back and told Nick that they would no longer be representing him. Nick threatened her; well, he tried to threaten her. Alicia stood her ground though. Afterwards, Alicia told Kalinda what happened and asked whether she had cause to be afraid. Kalinda said no, she would handle it. Kalinda found one of the trucks transporting the drugs and sent a message for Nick to meet her at the office. When he got there, she told him she had informed the police about his drug trafficking and that she wanted him to permanently leave town. Nick didn’t buy it and smugly asked Kalinda what her Plan B was. They didn’t show us Plan B, but Kalinda did acquire a gun from one of Nick’s errand boys earlier, and she seemed awfully sure that Nick wasn’t coming back. I’m not saying that Kalinda killed him, but I wouldn’t blame her if she did. I don’t know what happened to Nick, but at this point, I really don’t care. I am just thankful that entire storyline seems to be done with. It was weird and it slowed down the pace of every episode it was a part of. I am all for rounding out characters, and I think that’s what the intent of this storyline was, but the execution just didn’t work. Perhaps it would have worked better if we knew more about Kalinda and Nick’s past and how they got to the point in their relationship that it was so…disturbing. As it stands, Nick just showed up creeping everyone out and being abusive toward Kalinda. Hopefully, we won’t revisit this storyline again. Maybe get Kalinda a storyline that’s more interesting than disconcerting.

Eli had a few problems of his own this week. The Justice Department approached him about campaign finance violations. He went to Diane to help him head off the investigation before it became public. He showed Diane the surveillance picture of him and Kalinda and he said that it was from about a year ago. Diane and Eli met with the Department representative and said that they were confident that Eli hadn’t done anything wrong. The Department representative said that they would be willing to back off of Eli if he would give them information on Peter. Naturally, Eli refused, so the little weasel from the Department showed up to the campaign headquarters and made a big show of serving Eli with a warrant and confiscating things from the office. I have a feeling that Maddie is behind all of this. She has already demonstrated that she’s willing to play dirty, and I wouldn’t put it past her to sic the Justice Department on Eli. She can’t directly go after Peter because that would be too obvious, but going after Eli would give her the same effect while allowing her to deny any dirty dealings. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how all of that plays out.

This was an alright episode. It didn’t thrill me, but it did succeed in grossing me out. Jackie was the one looking up information about condoms on Alicia’s computer? Ewww. Could’ve done without that tidbit of information. So, what did you think of this week’s The Good Wife? Let me know in the comments.

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