The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21 Review “Not A Well-Rounded Athlete”

The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21 Not a Well-Rounded Athlete

The Amazing Race is coming down to the wire with only four teams remaining. Last night was a non-elimination leg, which means Trey and Lexi, the Beekman boys, the Chippendales, and the twins will all compete for the grand prize in next Sunday’s two-hour season finale.

The race evened out as the teams arrived in Barcelona and were delayed in boarding the ferry for Mallorca. This is a consistent strategy to build tension and to keep the teams running concurrently. Fortunately, it gave the Beekman boys a chance to catch up.

You read that correctly. I’m on team Beekman. Don’t be too hard on me for being fickle. The race has been an emotional rollercoaster. While I initially was charmed by the twins’ irreverent attitudes, I’ve since soured on them. They were in particularly offensive form last night. To some extent, it can be entertaining to watch people who have no filter and who say whatever comes into their heads. But, the twins crossed a line not once, but twice when talking about the Beekman boys. When the twins saw the Beekman boys using a map for directions (what a shocking concept), one of them commented, “They’re super prepared, they’re gay.” They made a similar comment at the windmill challenge when one of them said, “We could have beat the gays here and we didn’t.” Now, I’m open to anyone correcting me if I misheard these two statements, but I did rewind on the DVR to be sure. Why do they think that is acceptable? Would it be ok for them to comment that one team was better able to complete a task because of their race? Bad form.

It’s true that I haven’t hidden my frustration with the Beekman boys over the season. They have been whiny, clueless, and consistently slower than everyone else. But, watching Trey and Lexi, the Chippendales, and the twins close ranks against them has softened my heart. I am starting to agree with Phil Keoghan that the Beekmans are the “little train that could.” It will be a sweet day if they win the race. I particularly appreciated that in this episode, they were the only ones who pronounced Mallorca properly. I was also surprised with how adept they were at the windmill challenge.

As for the other teams, I am ready to see them turn on each other. Lexi may no longer have a nail capable of scratching anyone’s eyes out, but I think she is going to turn nasty before the end. Jaymes and James are going to have to cut the cord and focus on knocking past Trey and Lexi. As for the twins, the consolation for them not being eliminated is that they will have a speed bump in the final leg. Hopefully, it involves driving a manual transmission vehicle.

From the previews it looks like there will be more hardcore challenges in the final leg. There will probably be lots more blood, sweat, and Lexi tears, so tune in next week then check-in here to discuss your feelings on the outcome.

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