Revenge Season 2 Review “Revelations” – The Little Prince Takes It All

Revenge Season 2 Episode 9 Revelations (1)
Wow. So much happened in “Revelations,” this week’s episode of Revenge, that I’m having trouble figuring out where to start. I suppose we should get the lame stuff out of the way first, and yet again that designation goes to the subplot of Jack’s bar and the shady dudes whom he let get mixed up in it. Are we done with this yet?

Apparently, the guys are brothers and they’re out for revenge after Jack murdered their father six years earlier, seen in the Thanksgiving flashbacks, because their father was extorting and endangering good citizens. I think. In all honesty, I get a little glassy-eyed during these parts. Basically, Jack found his dad’s gun on the boat and now he has something new to angst over, since he’s all but put Emily out of his mind.

Unfortunately, he’s not totally out of Emily’s head, even though most women would agree that the James Bond-type she’s currently got in her bed is be a far better option than a working class do-gooder and a spoiled rich boy on his way to being a megalomaniac. Yeah, I’m talking about Daniel. We all hoped he would take the high road if he ever took over Grayson Global, and we were all disappointed when he decided to be just as ruthless and sneaky as his parents.

Daniel’s bid to oust Conrad came to a head this week with all the drama you’d expect. When it seemed like Ashley was trying to get Daniel to shake off Aiden and keep him from getting into the inner sanctum, Emily sent Victoria a video of Ashley having sex with Conrad. Mama Grayson went straight to Ashley instead of Daniel, though, and blackmailed Ashley into using her body to turn a key board member against Daniel in the final vote between him and Conrad.

Fortunately, Emily’s cameras were still working then and she was able to maneuver Daniel into catching Ashley in the big-wig’s room in just her robe. In his anger, he still managed to take pictures and blackmail the man into voting for him. He also resoundingly dumped Ashley and kicked her out of Castle Grayson. And once he was voted in as CEO, he turned right around and excluded Aiden from the inner circle, perhaps in punishment for being with Emily.

But the joke’s on Daniel. As the new CEO of Grayson Global, he is now on the Initiative’s radar; they’re even talking about just killing him if they’re not able to use him like they used Conrad. Daniel might spend all winter break perfecting his Mr. Burns/Dr. Evil impressions only to find that wearing Daddy’s shoes will involve a lot more than going to board meetings and getting a bigger office.

Meanwhile, Nolan’s plan to give Grayson Global a chunk of shares in Nolancorp, but not enough to control it, backfired when Daniel revealed his trump card: Nolan’s former CFO/lover, Marco. With the knowledge that Nolan had given away 500 million dollars of company money, Daniel was able to blackmail Nolan into giving him a controlling share instead. If Nolan had refused, Daniel could have found out that the money went to Amanda Clarke, which would have blown Emily’s cover. Nolan says he still has a plan, though. It had better be a good one to get him out of this mess.

I was expecting them to stick with their pattern and reveal the identity of the man in the capsized boat, as they revealed the dead man on the beach in last year’s mid-season finale, but that remains a mystery. Will it have to do with the bar revenge plot…and if so, will we care? By the way, was anyone else thinking that Ashley should have recognized Aiden as the bartender at that place where she nearly sold herself into sexual slavery? Do you think I’ve been hoping for too much this whole time to think that her story might have her be more than just an unlucky social climber?

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