Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “Queen of Hearts” – That’s the Power of Love

Don’t you love being right? I do. Many months ago, I wondered something about Cora and in this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, “Queen of Hearts,” my suspicion proved to be true. Yes, Cora was Wonderland’s infamous, decapitation-friendly Queen; she became such after Regina trapped her there, and we found out during a flashback in which Regina called upon Hook to travel to Wonderland in order to kill Cora before the curse descended.

Of course, Cora wasn’t stupid enough to keep her heart in her chest (which explains a lot, and might just be the key to killing her if the heart can be found and controlled), but she was able to use Hook and his desire for revenge on Rumpelstiltskin to get back to her daughter’s realm and convince Regina that she was dead. She then used magic to protect that one little corner of the Forest that didn’t get swept away to Storybrooke.

So, that explains that. Back to present day, Emma and the girls made it to Rumpel’s old cell on their quest for the squid ink, but Cora used Aurora to trap them in the enchanted cell and steal the golden compass. It looked hopeless until they found a scroll on which Rumpel had written Emma’s name over and over again…in the magic ink. Snow used it to blow open the cell, but the girls had to leave Aurora behind so that Cora couldn’t track them.

Emma had a bit of an existential crisis after seeing the scroll; she started to wonder if she had actually done anything as the savior or if she was merely Rumpel’s puppet. But when she and Snow and Mulan arrived at that dead lake with restorative powers (Cora had used magic to find the water underneath the surface), Emma found that her heart was the one that Cora just wasn’t able to touch. Because she was created from true love, her own magic was too powerful. It allowed her to repel Cora long enough for her and Snow to jump through the portal to Storybrooke. Mulan took Aurora’s heart back to her; the two women vowed to find a way to bring back Phillip.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Regina and Gold decided they couldn’t take a chance on Cora getting to their world and that they would need to kill whoever came through from the Enchanted Forest, even if it was Snow and Emma. Despite basking in the glow of Henry’s approval, Regina nearly relapsed into evil when it seemed like she was totally fine with getting rid of Henry’s birth mother. In the end, though, she risked her own life to drop the deadly force field guarding the portal, allowing Snow and Emma to safely return to their friends and family.

Snow immediately ran to Charming’s side and in a lovely moment that mirrored the very first scene of the show, she woke him up with a kiss. Even though she’d saved the day, Regina got left out of the celebration. Resentment and jealousy are not going to help her on her path to recovery.

Left behind, it seemed like Cora and Hook were trapped until he revealed his trump card, the last magic bean that would allow them passage to Storybrooke. Not good.

I really enjoyed this first half of the season and I am absolutely looking forward to January, but there is one thing that’s bothering me. August? Has everyone forgotten about him? I really hope that Emma’s first order of business upon returning is to find him and fix him. I also hope that we will see more of Aurora and Mulan and Phillip; they’re our link to the Enchanted Forest.

And what about the diamonds that were going to give Storybrooke magic? Did Regina and Gold really use all of them to make their death trap? I doubt it; Gold isn’t the type to throw it all away. He’s going to need some magic when Hook gets hold of him. BTW, who do we want to win in that fight? I like them both too much to decide. And I’m still in the Emma-Hook hook-up camp.

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