Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Mike Takes A Test”

Mike & Molly Season 3 Episode 9 Mike Takes a Test

You have to feel for Mike. After struggling through last week’s episode of Mike & Molly trying to make a baby, the officer is put through the ringer again this week as he attempts to pass the detective’s test. He may not be as smart as a whip and was consistently the butt of jokes for Carl, his mom and the Captain, even the dog was looking at him with curious and confused eyes. But he managed to pass the exam after Molly dumbed it all down for him, becoming the 112th guy on the list after Carl and some of the others convinced him that he wasn’t cut out to do much more than walk the beat and help old ladies with their cats.

The best of this latest 30 minute episode was when Mike realized there was a full bathroom in the cellar in which Molly encourages him to “keep studying.” There was also Carl’s round of inappropriate but hilarious jokes about his capabilities as a man and Joyce’s description of swooshing down like the Apollo 11 after Mike fails to keep up with the easiest of tasks, like putting the toilet seat down, because the exam has him so nerved up.

A personal favorite was the opening of the show when Mike and Molly were forced into dinner with his captain and his evil mother, who are now dating. While that strange and sticky predicament could have created an entire entertaining episode, the show runners chose to go with the test storyline instead which made for another funny night filled with non stop one liners. Although I would have loved to see more of Molly gritting her teeth while Momma Biggs gets her digs in as she refers to Molly throughout the evening as a gold digger who uses a credit card better than a sponge.

What do you think ‘Mike & Molly’ fans? Was tonight’s episode up to par?