Him & Her Series 3 Review “The Father-in-Law”

The planned proposal is still looming over the as-of-yet undisturbed lives of Steve and Becky, and things seem to be stacking up against them faster and faster this week. As always on Him & Her, the couple’s friends and family take great pleasure in meddling and, in ‘The Father-in-Law’, it’s going on all under Becky’s unsuspecting nose.

We start off with the flat having been trashed and burgled though, as Becky’s dad Nigel points out, it’s only slightly messier than usual. Steve’s main concern is obviously the engagement ring that he’d previously hidden inside the toilet, and the whole episode turns into a twisted game of cat and mouse between Steve and Laura. Laura is actually becoming more and more unpleasant every week, and is still adamant that her sister not get married before her.

Judging by the display of awkward affection between her and Paul this week, however, I doubt that’ll be happening any time soon. We rarely get an insight into the inner turmoil that has turned Laura so toxic, but it’s clear from this week’s episode that she and Paul are living separate lives despite her pregnancy. She’s so desperate to cling onto her imagined perfect life that she’s become an absolute control freak, but the sadness behind it all comes out in this episode’s final moments.

But the biggest problem for Steve now that he’s safely recovered the ring is the lack of blessing from Becky’s father. The events of ‘The Father-in-Law’ are definitely meant to remove audience sympathy from the character, as he relentlessly teases Steve and leeringly chats up Shelly in front of Dan, and my guess is that the pair will get engaged no matter what her parents say. The threat of broken limbs may well delay the proposal, but I can’t see the finale coming off without someone going down on one knee.

What did you think of the episode? Will Nigel’s reaction deter Steve? Let us know in the comments.

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