Haven Season 3 Review “Burned”

Haven sure dropped a doozy of development on us in this most recent episode, “Burned.” On top of coming across a child with an incredibly powerful and dangerous Trouble, Audrey uncovered some seriously scary information about the bolt-gun killer.

The Trouble-of-the-week in Haven came courtesy of The Guard’s meddling by bringing Ginger Daniels into town. Ginger’s Trouble made people do whatever she said and because she was not yet able to understand her ability, Ginger believed that her father had abandoned her in the back of The Guard’s transport van and left her to fend for herself. While Nathan, Audrey, and Claire were unable to get any information out of Ginger, Duke was able to relate to her feeling of abandonment and befriend her.

It wasn’t long before Audrey was able to figure out exactly what Ginger was capable of (and thankfully Duke wasn’t seriously hurt by his fall) but what made Ginger’s Trouble particularly fightening was the reveal that The Guard had specifically tracked her down to use her to control Audrey through Nathan. While I believed that Jordan had been genuine in her feelings for Nathan, I was disappointed to see her lying so easily to him about her involvement in Ginger’s transport and the whereabouts of her father.

Since their relationship was initiated through Nathan’s lies, I suppose it was inevitable that their relationship would end with Jordan’s lies. I actually liked Jordan’s character and had hoped that she would become one of Nathan and Audrey’s allies so it was upsetting to see Jordan lying to Ginger and leveraging the whereabouts of her captive father in order to get Ginger to cooperate against her will. It shut down any thoughts I had about The Guard not being a totally terrible organization and it seemed to do the same for Nathan.

Thanks to Ginger’s Trouble, we got a lot of information about The Guard from Jordan. Although she didn’t seem to know what The Barn was in technical terms, Jordan knew that every 20 years, Audrey/Lucy/Sarah walks into that barn and disappears along with the Troubles. The Guard was working to ensure that Audrey would walk into that barn exactly like she had done each time before. Jordan explained that the last time Lucy was supposed to walk into that barn, she attempted to escape. It makes you wonder what Lucy had discovered at the end of her time in Haven that made her want to run away from the barn. The Guard’s legend says that the Troubles disappear with her, but the Crocker family seemed to think that the Troubles would disappear forever if Audrey/Lucy/Sarah was killed. If it’s really just about the Troubles going away, Jordan’s story made it seem like The Guard and the Crocker family might have been working towards a similar end through different means. What would happen to the Troubles if Audrey didn’t disappear into that barn at all?

Meanwhile, in seemingly unrelated developments, Audrey had requested forensic work be done on a burned and decomposed body that was found in Haven. Audrey had a hunch that Tommy might still be alive, so nothing could have prepared her for the truth that the real Tommy had been dead months before he had ever met her in Haven. The new forensic evidence led Nathan and Audrey to an abandoned factory that had been converted to a makeshift lab filled with creepy human skins preserved in glowing aquariums.

I had previously theorized that Tommy might have been a Troubled person with shape-shifting abilities, but the truth was much more sinister than I had imagined. Nathan told Audrey about a Haven legend dating back to the Native Americans in the area that told of a “skin-walker.” Nathan suggested that their Bolt-Gun killer might be the skin-walker of those legends.

Maybe it was just Haven’s way of building up that feeling of paranoia, but Nathan seemed creepier than normal when he was telling Audrey about the skin-walker and I started to feel uncomfortable with the two of them alone in that factory. Of course, this is exactly what I expect to feel every time I watch Haven until the real Bolt-Gun Killer/skin-walker is caught. Now that we know how the skin-walker operates, it could lead to an equally tragic and terrifying end. It opens up the possibility that any one of our characters in Haven could have fallen victim to the skin-walker and has been dead for weeks without Audrey or anyone else ever noticing. Claire, Nathan, Duke, Vince, Dave, Dwight? The skin-walker could be changing in and out of them like suits and Audrey might never have noticed the difference. It’s enough to send chills up my spine just thinking about it and I hope Audrey is able to get to the bottom of this before anyone else falls victim to Haven’s skin-walker.