Check Out The Walking Dead Trailer For The Season 3 Return In February 2013!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7 When the Dead Come Knocking

It was craziness abounding last night on The Walking Dead when season 3 came to its mid-season finale. I don’t know about you guys, but this season of the AMC drama has had me on the edge of my couch wondering who would be safe, who would be eaten, and more importantly who would feel the wrath of The Governor. Crazy, crazy, crazy! Am I right, The Walking Dead fans?

While AMC is being mean and making us wait until an unconfirmed date in February of 2013 for our show to return, they have been nice enough to provide the following trailer for our viewing pleasure. It pretty much covers what we saw yesterday after the episode, but to recap: Glen is worked up by someone that Rick brings back to camp, Michonne and Andrea are at odds, Andrea continues to be somewhat useless, and Hershel is ticked off at Rick. Oh, and The Governor is still pretty damn scary even with one eye.

Check out the trailer and let’s keep talking The Walking Dead to help aid in our sadness until the return!

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