Bones Season 8 Review “The Ghost in the Machine” – The 150th Episode is the Most Heartbreaking One Yet

Bones Season 8 Episode 9 The Ghost in the Machine

In the 150th episode of Bones, called “The Ghost in the Machine,” we get to see the team investigate a murder from a whole new perspective – that of the victim himself.

I know I’m a big softie when it comes to this kind of stuff, so it may not mean much to say that this episode made me cry more than any other episode of this show, but it really did. Just a couple of weeks ago, I had quite a few tearful moments when the team worked hard to solve the mystery of the man who died on 9/11 and I didn’t think any episode could affect me like that one did, at least not this soon. Boy was I ever wrong.

I think one of the reasons this episode affected me so much is the way that it was shot. Telling the story only through Colin’s eyes made it feel that much more personal. When everyone spoke of the victim, they didn’t just speak about him but TO him and that made a huge difference in the emotional impact of the story. It was incredibly clever method of storytelling and extremely effective in getting a lot more emotion across to the audience.

In the end, when we finally discovered just what had happened to Colin and why he was sticking around, I felt like the team (and we the audience) were being allowed to let go of Colin, just as he was letting go, too. It was really the perfect ending…even if it did make me bawl like a baby. Overall I found this episode the ideal way to celebrate 150 episode of this show, as it had so many of the elements in it that made me love this show in the first place.

My favorite bits..

“That’s very romantic, Bones.”

Brennan refusing to be embarrassed in front of Hodgins.

Booth’s whole body slumping as soon as they found out that the body that of a young boy.

Why is it that when Brennan starts to cry, I do, too? Dang that woman

Booth reassuring Colin that they were going to find out what happened to him.

“I heard someone calling.”
“Oh please tell me you mean by telephone.”

“Avalon is a psychic, Hodgins. She’s not in control of what she hears.”
“You can say that again.”

“When Angela first started working here, she had to have drinks and sex to forget the day.”
“Yeah, she still does one of those things.”

Angela talking to Colin. I found that incredibly sweet.

Dangit, there she goes again. Brennan breaking down broke me down, too.

Hodgins talking to Colin, too.

Cam asking Colin to tell her mother that she was 80% happy.

“In the end, it’s a glorious mess and I’m truly sorry you’re going to miss out on it.” -And here come more tears.

Brennan actually talking to Colin and asking him questions about how he died.

Brennan admitting that she lied when she told Colin’s parents that he died instantly.

Avalon telling Colin about all the things that he was going to do.

“Your death is a tragedy because you were going to make the world a better place, and that’s how it should be.”

Booth revealing to Brennan that the car belonged to Colin’s father.

“Maybe you should just pretend during the day.”
“Unfortunately no, I have an extremely vivid imagination.”

“Something’s bugging me.”
“Yeah, me, too. There’s a human skull in our living room.”

Booth doing a battlefield prayer over Colin. For anyone keeping track, that brought on the fourth or fifth round of tears.

Brennan, Angela and Cam realizing exactly what Colin was doing when he died.

“You made a foolish decision. I just wish it hadn’t killed you.”

Everyone gathering with Miranda to watch Colin sing his song.

I’m calling it. Most heartbreaking episode ever. That last scene completely ruined me.

Booth playing their song for Brennan and them dancing with Christine to Hot Blooded.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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