666 Park Avenue Season 1 “Hypnos” Review

666 Park Avenue Episode 9 Hypnos (1)

When we left 666 Park Avenue last week, Jane (Rachael Taylor) had arrived at the door of Maris Elder (guest star Whoopie Goldberg) looking for some help about her issues with The Drake and why/how she wound up in the psych ward after her trip down the rabbit hole.

Goldberg plays what appears to be a watered down version of her character from Ghost, and actually zaps Jane back to October of 1927 where the poor girl is sent to figure out the dark secrets of The Drake and how her family ties into the history.

Once back in time, Jane discovers some crazy secrets about the murder of Peter Kramer’s wife in his Drake apartment and also finds out that her family has been tied to 666 Park Avenue for longer than Jane really cares to know. Not only has she been to The Drake before, but her past is sort of intertwined with the history of The Drake itself… and not in a great way.

Jane has a lot of information to process after her hypnosis and all of this is going on while Gavin (Terry O’Quinn) attempts to get Henry (Dave Annable) a spot as a city councilman. However, it seems that Henry’s political aspirations may be cut short when some personal info is threatened to be leaked to the masses.

And just to close “Hypnos” with a bang, 666 Park Avenue reveals Sasha’s identity at the last minute.

What do all of these events do for the story line of 666 Park Avenue? Well, not a whole lot. By now we’re all aware that ABC has canceled the show, and personally I feel that the writers have either given up or are in the process of just not caring about a damn thing.

There are plot holes galore (why the hell would Henry be a contender for city councilman? He’s been in New York for what? 2 months?), I don’t care about Jane overly much, and the lack of Gavin and Olivia sort of ticked me off.

Anyway, here’s hoping that the series is wrapped up well and at least gives us some semblance of a decent ending.