Dexter Season 7 Review “The Dark…Whatever”

Dexter Season 7 Episode 10 The Dark

“Is that what we’re talking about? Your dark…rider?” – Hannah
“Dark passenger…Ok, I guess it sounds a little funny when you say it out loud.” – Dexter

Thank you, Dexter, for finally admitting just how ridiculous the “Dark Passenger” title sounds. And a big applause for Hannah for being the second person this season, behind Deb, to call him out on how silly it is! It’s definitely a title that worked well in the books, but just doesn’t translate well to spoken word.

Yes, tonight’s episode of Dexter had quite a few big revelations concerning Dexter’s compulsion in “The Dark…Whatever”. The main story of the episode involved the Phantom Arsonist taking more victims, but we also got a very interesting little visit from Hannah’s dad!

Hannah’s dad was played by the always great Jim Beaver (Supernatural, Breaking Bad, Deadwood), and it’s always fun to see this guy pop up in yet another great TV show. He was really nice to Dexter and “Banan” for so long, and I was so wishing he would turn out to be a good guy! He’s definitely not, though, as we find out that he’s the one who gave Sal Price all of those juicy details about Hannah’s kills. It’s good to finally find out who Price’s informant was, as that was definitely a pretty glaring plot hole from earlier in this season. I was a little disappointed that Dexter killed him so quickly, mainly because I’m such a big fan of Jim Beaver that I would have loved to see him stick around, but also because he didn’t really have much of a lasting impact on the show. Despite leaving a pretty big tip with Deb concerning Hannah’s old roommate, the only other thing he did was serve as a common enemy to bring Dexter and Hannah closer together.

The main crime of the episode revolved around this new “Phantom Arsonist”, and I was VERY happy how this story was handled. I was a little wary at first that a new “Big bad” was being introduced to the show with only three episodes left (He even got a nickname and everything!), and I was also concerned that the arsonist would actually turn out to be the arson investigator Phil Bosso. They were making it way too obvious that he was the Phantom, so I’m glad Dexter found out the truth. I’m hoping this means we can see more of this goofy Civil War enthusiast in upcoming episodes!

LaGuerta and Matthews are now fully into investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher case again, and I’m really loving where this story is going. I loved her just saying little things like “the cabin in the everglades”, and not explaining to us what she’s talking about. The Dexter writers are giving their hardcore fans some credit and letting us remember for ourselves the season 2 finale “The British Invasion”. They didn’t give Matthews some dumb explanatory line like “You mean the place where Doakes was blown up?” I also love how logical the case is becoming to her. Finding out that Dexter’s brother was a prolific serial killer and that the owner of the cabin was the guy who killed Dexter’s mom would obviously make Dexter her prime suspect. It’s looking more and more like this season will end in a showdown between LaGuerta and Dexter, or possibly even with Dexter being discovered and spending the eighth and final season on the run! I can’t wait to see what happens here, and I’m so glad we’re finally redeeming a character that has become more and more unlikable in the past few seasons.

Speaking of unlikable, let’s talk about Quinn. Sigh…Oh, Quinn. Who’d have thought this relationship with a Kashka-owned stripper would have ended so poorly?! Oh wait, I did, in my review for the second episode! You can’t really blame Quinn for what he did here, especially considering he killed someone we know to be a very bad man to defend his girlfriend, but I did wish that George would have met a more satisfying end. There’s been quite a few rushed deaths this season; namely Mike Anderson, Louis Greene, and Sal Price. Considering that George is the one that killed another character that went too quickly, Isaak Sirko, you would have expected he’d go out with a little more fanfare than this. This is also the second time this season where Quinn has told a bold-faced lie to Angel, which really pisses me off.

Despite the stupid end to Quinn’s stupid storyline, I really enjoyed just about everything else about this episode. It was so nice for Dexter to have a breakthrough about his Dark Passenger, as he finally realizes that there’s nothing inside of him that controls his actions. We’ve seen plenty of instances on this show of Dex breaking his code or refraining from killing certain targets, so it’s good for him to finally realize that he’s not a puppet. Harry’s lectures have become a little tiring on this show for me, but this was a rare occurrence where I actually liked what he was saying. Dexter has been blaming his kills on this “Dark Passenger” for seven years now, and it’s nice to finally hear him acknowledge that sometimes he just kills people because he really wants to. That doesn’t make him any less messed up, but that’s why we love him!

Deb took kind of a back seat this week, but we do get one little kernel half way through the episode: She’s taking medication! I know most people will see that pill bottle and think the worst, that she’s losing her grip or something, but I really hope that’s not the case. Just about every time somebody on a TV show takes medication, it usually means that they’re drastically unstable, and the fact that they’re taking medication will turn out to be a big source of drama somewhere down the line. However, there are literally millions of people in this country who are taking prescription drugs and are totally fine. It’s not always a big deal. If you ask me, I’m surprised she hasn’t been medicated sooner! She’s been kidnapped, shot, seen multiple loved ones die, and was temporarily engaged to a serial killer! She’s been borderline manic depressive for years, “in love” with her brother, and has an incredibly stressful job! I’m hoping we just get a couple more lines in the next episode where she mentions that she’s taking something, and that’s it. It doesn’t need to be anything more than that!

Anyway, the episode ends with the revelation that Deb is looking for Arlene Schram, Hannah’s old roommate! This means that Hannah’s definitely not out of the woods yet, and Dexter will have his own problems to deal with next week with LaGuerta and Matthews hot on his tail! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Random Thoughts:

– I’ve been a little tired of Masuka in the last few seasons, but his conversation with Dex and Angel about Hannah was hilarious.

– I thought it was a little ironic that Deb thought it would be such a cliche that an arson investigator would turn out to be an arsonist. Not as much of a cliche as a blood spatter analyst turning out to be a serial killer?

– Did anybody else think it was a little silly that Phil also gave the profile to Miami Metro about the killer? So he’s an arson investigator that moonlights as a criminal behavior analyst and profiler? Well, somebody give this guy his own CBS procedural, right away!