Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 7 I Was Made for Lovin' You (1)
As suggested by the title of this week’s episode, Grey’s Anatomy centered on couples this week – both personal and professional.

One of my favorite professional “couples” reunited this week, Arizona and Karev. I loved watching these two work together to save kids lives as much as I loved Arizona slowly return to the sunny disposition for which she is known. Arizona’s other half in her personal life, Callie, was determined to make the return a smooth one. This included having an intern on standby with a wheelchair and paying off a kid not to inquire about the prosthetic leg.

Although there were a few bumps along the way, the best moment was definitely watching Arizona being able to laugh off a fall. Callie returning home to find Arizona playing with a Sofia was an adorable, encouraging sign that things are getting better for the pair.

Speaking of Callie, I’m rooting for her professional “coupling” with Derek to figure out a way to fix his hand. Unsurprisingly, it was a patient with a tumor deemed inoperable by another doctor that renewed Derek’s resolve to find a solution.

The biggest surprise of the night was courtesy of Derek’s personal relationship. Meredith is pregnant! I loved how Meredith used a “World’s Best Big Sister” shirt for Zola to reveal the news to her husband. I was also proud of Meredith for telling Derek first, instead of Christina. Shonda Rhimes, I beg you not to use this McBun in the oven as another one of your sad, tragic storylines. Let the McDreamy family have a bit of happiness. In a show with fatal plane crashes, hospital shootouts and men with bombs inside of them, a little happily ever after wouldn’t be so bad every now and then.

In other unexpected pregnancy-related news, April had a scare after realizing that she was four days late. I know its unfair to hold doctors to a different standard but seriously, why aren’t these two using birth control? Does anyone remember the huge STD breakout with Karev and George? These doctors exhibit seriously questionable personal behavior but again, it may be an unfair to judge them.

Once again, April found a way to further alienate her sex buddy. Poor Jackson. The guy told her he was all in – marriage, big wedding, house, whatever April wanted. April’s final response? After finding out it was a false alarm, she suggested they keep dating and she get on the pill. Hopefully Jax will stick by his guns this time and really stop having sex with April. Watching her repeatedly hurt him is not fun to watch nor is it entertaining.

After watching the really sad situation with the valve replacement and liver transplant patient unfold, Christina had an epiphany about Owen – she wanted to reconcile. Owen clearly loves Christina but because of the lawsuit mess, his demonstration of love was asking for a divorce instead of reconciliation.

Due to budget cuts, the hospital switched airlines and it turned out that the airline responsible for the fatal crash had a history of incidents. Even worse, Owen was the one who authorized the switch. Although he’d make the perfect scapegoat, the board did not fire him because they were hoping to take advantage of his marriage to Christina to have the case thrown out. In order to help his wife and friends get the justice they deserved, Owen told Christina he wanted a divorce. Of course, in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, Christina doesn’t know the real reason for Owen’s sudden request. And with that, the road to reconciliation got much longer.

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