CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Blood Out”

CSI: NY Season 9 Episode 9 Blood Out (5)

This week on “CSI” NY,” it was the newbie Jamie Lovato’s turn at bat in “Blood Out.” While I didn’t mind the episode on the whole, it did seem vaguely unfair that we hadn’t quite made our way through the main cast each getting a character-centric episode before moving on to the new kid on the block. (The preview indicated that fan fave A.J. Buckley, aka Adam, would be next at bat- can Dr. Sid be far behind?)

That said, they had to get around to Lovato eventually, so why not space out things with this palate cleanser of an episode? Though the plot wasn’t necessarily anything we hadn’t seen before in God knows how many movies and TV shows, this take take on it did have a few interesting wrinkles here and there, and definitely some memorable scenes throughout.

The first attention grabber came with a pan out of a multi-tattooed body hanging from the ceiling which revealed that there was nothing below the waist, at least until it panned down a few feet below and we saw the bottom half of the victim, indicating that the body had been neatly shorn in half. Ouch! It was pretty gory stuff, and put me in the mind of “The Walking Dead.”

Turns out the victim was an associate of sorts of Lovato’s, much to the chagrin of her partner Flack, who’s clearly a bit jealous. It seems that, prior to joining our gang, Lovato was an undercover cop who had infiltrated a real gang, and whose cover was essentially blown…but by the victim. She dropped out of the case by necessity, and had remained off the radar of the gang in question since, until a female associate recognized her and realized who she was from back in the day. She then immediately went to a member of the gang and told them how the vic had recruited a cop into the gang- and subsequently let her go when he found out.

Needless to say, the gang wasn’t thrilled and the vic paid the price accordingly, making his death somewhat Lovato’s fault. This naturally makes her want to catch the culprit that much more. They track down the girl who recognized her, but she bolts and is killed in the chase. Meanwhile, our gang contacts the officer in charge of the case, Agent Hicks (Bill Smitrovich, formerly of “Without a Trace”). With the help of his informant, the CSI’s are able to track down the car the killer used, complete with lots of clues, including the weapon of choice, a chainsaw.

Eventually, it turned out that the informant himself was behind the deed, and had resented the victim for getting the cops involved in the first place, which in turn ultimately led to his own getting recruited by the cops. Worse, Hicks had an idea that he was involved and didn’t say anything because he valued the asset too much. So, a decent twist in the whole cop-going-undercover getting- in-too-deep plotline, basically, with the twist of the informant being the guilty one, even as he himself was helping the cops out. Not that big of a stretch from what we typically get, but unique enough to make it somewhat memorable overall as a whole.

I like the addition of Natalie Martinez overall. I think I mentioned in a previous review that she bears more than a passing resemblance of Flack’s previous love interest, played by the delectable Emmanuelle Vaugier, which is interesting, and probably not a coincidence. She was certainly scintillating in that red dress hustling pool to the strains of “After Dark,” aka the song Salma Hayek dances to in “From Dusk Till Dawn.” I like that even though the heat is clearly there, the show isn’t rushing into things with her and Flack. I think they have the potential to be a solid couple.

So, an okay episode, I suppose, if nothing that groundbreaking. The supporting cast was pretty solid and the story was relatively interesting, with some decent action, though it was hard to top that opening bit with the severed body reveal.

What did you think of the latest “CSI: NY”? Are you liking Lovato? Do you hope her & Flack hook up eventually? Are you looking forward to the Adam-themed episode next week? Let me know in the comments!