Scandal Season 2 Review “Defiance”

Scandal Season 2 Episode 7 Defiance (6)

OMG Scandal! Are you kidding me?! Seriously. I just don’t know what to make of this show. It has a few things that really get on my nerves (enough with the shaky cam already!) but it somehow or other manages to leave me with a ‘what just happened?!’ face on more than one occasion. Then I have to tune in again to find out. Curse you Scandal for being so awesome!

A few thoughts about ‘Defiance’:

The case of the week was a billionaire who seemingly lost his marbles. He suddenly decided to divorce his wife of 40 years (generously giving her $500 million in the settlement) and take up with a girl young enough to be his granddaughter. His (ex)wife and son went to Olivia and Co. to have them help keep his crazy under wraps until after the company went public. This week it was actually Harrison and Co. since Olivia let him take lead on this one. Their idea was to have him declared insane and committed until after the IPO. Needless to say, Mr. Crazy Billionaire wasn’t thrilled with that idea as evidenced by the double-barreled shotgun he pulled on the psychiatrist that came to evaluate him. He pulled a fast one on Harrison and Abby and snuck a friend (who happened to be a minister) in to marry him and his barely legal bride. And let me just pause here to say how totally grossed out I was to see the bride and groom stick their tongues down each others’ throats. Gross. Just gross. But back to the case. As it turns out, Crazy Billionaire Guy wasn’t crazy at all. He just felt like he had spent his life doing everything he was supposed to do, and now that he was old, he deserved to be happy. He was doing everything he could to tank the IPO because he didn’t want his son to end up old and unhappy too. But the son actually loved working in the family business and he was only taking the company public because he thought that’s what his father wanted. The real problem here was a lack of communication. It was people trying to do what they thought someone wanted them to do instead of just talking about it. Harrison was able to get them to finally talk to each other and not only saved the company, but also their relationship.

Speaking of relationships, Fitz broke my heart. Just ripped it right out. He saw Olivia on tv as Cy was briefing him, and Fitz completely tuned him out. The only thing in his world was Olivia. That scene was only trumped by Fitz looking at the surveillance pictures he had the Secret Service take of Olivia. He was angry, hurt, jealous, and sad all at the same time. I think he’s trying to move on, but one thing is clear. He is not over Olivia. And as hard as Olivia is trying, she’s not over Fitz either. When she was watching a news report about Fitz’s birthday celebration, she completely tuned out everything except Fitz. It was a prudent thing for Fitz and Olivia to break things off because their relationship obviously cannot go anywhere. But just because your brain says it’s over doesn’t mean your heart will follow suit.

I do believe David just got James killed. After Abby dumped David, he renewed his investigation of Annoying Texas Lobbyist Guy and found what he thinks is proof that the Grant administration rigged the voting machines. But since he couldn’t continue investigating, he gave his file to James. Initially, James dismissed David’s claims as simply crazy conspiracy talk until he heard Fitz tell a story at dinner. James realized that David’s claims weren’t all that crazy, so he flew off to Ohio to see if he could prove it. He finally found a voting machine with a memory card in it and tested his theory. Sure enough, the machine was rigged so that 3 of 5 votes for the democratic candidate actually went to Fitz. I don’t think David knows what he gave James and I don’t think James realizes just how dangerous a position he’s in. If James follows this through to the end, I have a feeling it’s not going to end well for him. Which begs the question, what is he going to tell Cy? Is he going to tell him what he found? Is he going to find out just how deep into this Cy is? Will Cy stand by and let Annoying Texas Lobbyist kill James? Cy is cold, but I don’t think he’s that cold…or is he?

I said a little while ago that if Olivia didn’t let Quinn in on whatever was going on, Quinn was going to dig into it herself. Boy, I hate being right. Ok. No I don’t. I love being right. Quinn apparently got sick of being kept in the dark, so she spent her time during this episode digging into how she got from California to DC. She went to Huck under the auspices of trying to figure out a way to drug Crazy Billionaire to keep him quiet. But it became evident pretty quickly that she was looking into something else entirely. And since Huck isn’t an idiot, he also soon figured out what she was up to. In truth, she was trying to figure out how someone drugged her and transported her. She’s pretty certain that it was Huck since she confronted him with her findings toward the end of the episode. I’m interested to see what Huck is going to do and whether Olivia is going to finally tell Quinn the truth. I don’t see the latter happening since Olivia doesn’t really deal in truth, but she may not have a choice soon.
And that ending. Holy crap! I don’t even…wow! It seemed to me that Mellie knew someone was about to take a shot at Fitz. She arranged the whole gala and then she seemed desperate to try to get out of it at the last minute. Why? Is it possible that she and Annoying Texas Lobbyist got together and arranged this? Of course it’s possible. They are a part of the Roundtable of Evil. But the question is why do it? Why would they work so hard to get Fitz elected only to assassinate him 2 years in? And I know Mellie doesn’t like Fitz, but I don’t think she wants him dead. Of course, she might. It certainly wouldn’t hurt her political future to run as the widow who was 32 weeks pregnant when her husband was assassinated. It’s cold, but it’s totally something I could see Mellie orchestrating. But I don’t know. She seemed scared.

All in all, this was a very solid episode. I’m still not crazy about how fast they’re talking and about the overuse of the shaky cam. But I guess I’ll just have to overlook that since TPTB seem determined to do it. I don’t think it’s going to go well for Olivia and Harrison if/when Abby finds out what they did to her. I can’t wait to find out who shot Fitz and why. And I really hope Fitz doesn’t die. That would break my heart. So what did you think of this week’s Scandal? Let me know in the comments.