Person of Interest Season 2 Review “Til Death”

Love was in the air on this week’s Person of Interest. We got a lengthier look back at Finch’s relationship with Grace, Fusco had a hot date, and Carter accepted a dinner invitation from Detective Beecher. A more twisted version of love arose between the two persons of interest, a married couple, after they realized that they had each taken out hits on each other.

When both the numbers of the husband and wife first came up, Reese and Finch were confused. Once they realized that the couple was trying to kill each other, Finch suggested they let them rub each other out. It was refreshing to see Finch on the verge of being irritated. But, when Reese approved of that plan, Finch realized he should probably rethink it. The story of the couple hiring hitmen had some flaws, however. Trying to kill your spouse is an extreme step. Especially when one of the murder attempts would occur by a car bomb that could potentially harm bystanders.

So what was the crux of the marital problem that led to this? The couple bickered frequently and stopped communicating – especially about the wife losing their baby while she was pregnant. That’s it. That hardly seems like enough to prompt two murder plans. Typically, in real life crime shows, spousal murder is motivated by money. While that would have been perhaps more predictable, it also would have been more believable. The connection to the board vote was not strong enough to make that seem like the primary motivation. Even more unbelievably, after discovering they each wanted the other person to die, they still made up at the end. When the couple kissed as they were being led out in handcuffs, this just felt absurd. Would you really be able to forgive and forget (within the span of an hour) that your spouse tried to murder you?

Again, one the show’s strengths is the quality of the supporting cast. This week was no different. It is a pleasure to watch the scenes with Finch and Grace (Carrie Preston). There is no doubt that their real-life marriage enhances their performances. They have an easiness together, and the way they look at each other, viewers can feel that they are in love. The persons of interest also delivered top rate performances. Mark Pellegrino brought humanity to a character that could have been dismissed as despicable. He also deserves a lot of credit for delivering a line like, “I’m sorry I tried to kill you,” without making it completely laughable. Francie Swift brought a toughness and vulnerability to the wife without overacting.

The big takeaway from this episode is that we are in the season of the Finch. Reese’s personal life and backstory is not going to be a major arc, because all eyes are on Finch. While Reese’s background is more intriguing because it is still mysterious, Finch’s lays the foundation for the machine and his reclusive nature. Plus, something is coming in the present time between Finch and Nathan. Knowing the history of the relationship between Finch and David will hopefully make that ground more fertile when the actual conflict arises.