It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Review “Frank’s Back in Business”

In this week’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Frank got back into the game again, in the aptly-titled “Frank’s Back in Business.” The game of what, exactly, it’s hard to say, but clearly he was good at it, because when the going got tough at the company he founded, they called in Frank, aka “The Warthog” to sort things out. Taking along Charlie as his right-hand man, despite his lack of a discernible skill set (Dennis: “Charlie can’t read.”/ Frank: “He’ll adapt.”/ Dennis: “He’ll adapt to reading?”), Frank donned his best office wear and the boys were off and running.

Meanwhile, Dee, Dennis, and Mac called the “24-hour rule” into effect on a wallet that someone left behind and took possession of the contents, which included Canadian money, an ID, and tickets to a game, which the threesome wasted no time in going to, discovering the glories of a box seat. Unfortunately, it turned out the gentleman whose identity they stole was there to discuss a business transaction, forcing the group to adopt different rules, with brother and sister posing as husband and wife and Mac posing as their bodyguard!

Dennis: “This is about the thrill of wearing another man’s skin, feeling his innermost wants and desires and being in control of his every single move. That is how you get off. Now don’t you guys want to get off with me? I want you to get off with me. Just follow my lead, guys…we’re gonna get off together.” Alrighty then!

Still, even Dennis recognized the importance of a good exit strategy. Mac suggested jumping out of the box down into the stands below if things got too hinky.

Dennis: “That’s a 50-foot drop!”
Mac: “Yes, of course…I’m a professional. So, I will tuck and roll…if I had a gun with me, I would be spraying bullets as I fell.”

Back of his old stomping grounds, Frank wasted no time asserting his authority, firing a hapless guy trying to suss out what was wrong with a copy machine. He explained later on:
Frank: If we’re gonna turn this company around, we’re gonna need to start cutting the crust off this sh*t sandwich.”

Frank set up a meeting with an Asian connection to discuss an investment in his company, with Charlie’s help.
Frank: “I want this sushi dinner to be the tits.”
Charlie: “Oh, OK. You, like, want it to be really expensive.”
Frank: “No, I wanna eat sushi off some Jap broad’s tits.”

Cut to, Frank and Co. doing just that, with a comely Asian girl lying on a dinner table, an array of food aligned strategically on her body! Now that, my friends, is a sushi dinner.

Dennis in the meantime was going further down the rabbit hole of identity theft, prompting Mac to bolt when a half-naked Asian teen shows up in the men’s locker room of a swanky hotel.
Mac: “Dennis, are you gonna have sex with a tiny Asian boy?”
Dennis: “I’m gonna see how far I can go.”

Thankfully, there was no need, as the Asian turned out to be a golf caddy, but the damage was done. It wasn’t look before Frank grew tired of Charlie’s wacky ideas as well, and fired him, prompting Charlie and Mac to team up to plan their next move: creating a viable product to pitch at Frank’s company meeting.

It also turned out that the guy Dennis was imitating was a prime candidate to buy (or bail out) Frank’s company, but by the time it was revealed, it was too late. Frank had already sold off his company for enormous profit to the Asians. He revealed that everyone was fired, while Mac and Charlie blew the whistle on Dee and Dennis as the poseurs they were. The guys who had been courting the two weren’t thrilled: “We took you two to that massage parlor and paid to have ‘em jerk you both off!” (Not sure how that works with a girl, but that what one of them said!)

Dennis seemed at ease with the revelation- he’d gotten what he needed to “get off,” it turned out. Dee was not so lucky, and more than a little peeved. Dennis shrugged her off: “Some women just don’t know how.”

All in all, a so-so episode, mostly saved by Dennis’ maniacal performance and Frank’s cut-throat business tactics. However, what truly redeemed the show was that priceless faux ad by Charlie and Mac for “Fight Milk,” a milk-and-alcohol combo made “by bodyguards for bodyguards!” The ad also traded on the inexplicable, but still funny fixation of Charlie on crows and their eggs: “Fight like a crow! Caw-Caw!” It was very nearly as classic as kitten mittens.

What did you think of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” this week? Did you enjoy seeing Frank in business mode? How about Dennis acting like a lunatic? Would you be down for some sushi, Frank-style? Let me know in the comments!