Elementary Season 1 “The Long Fuse” Review

This week on Elementary, Sherlock has to deal with a four year old pipe bomb that suddenly decided to detonate as well as the prospect of Watson leaving him. We’ll talk about that in a minute, but first let’s talk about the case.

Sherlock is called in to help Captain Gregson find the bomber that planted a pipe bomb in a ventilation system of a computer firm. The bomb had been planted years before the computer firm took residence in the building which leads Sherlock and company to think that the target of the bomb was actually for the crisis communication firm that resided in the building prior.

The firm was run by Heather (House, M.D Lisa Edelstein) and had encountered a bunch of enemies throughout it’s tenure, including an eco-terrorist organization called ELM. ELM just happened to have a history of detonating explosive devices on business that it opposed, which leads Sherlock to a former ELM employee.

However, it turns out that Sherlock is just a little too late – said employee is already dead and hidden inside the walls of his own home. It is now time for Sherlock’s master detective skills to kick in, and he quickly discovers that Heather really used the pipe bomb to cover up the murder of former ELM employee who had threatened to expose some pretty seedy secrets from her past.

Now that the case is solved, Sherlock has to worry about what will happen with Watson’s contract with his father runs out. Watson tries to get Sherlock to pick out a permanent sponsor, one who suffered from addiction the same way that Sherlock did. Watson has no choice, she’s leaving in six weeks, and while neither of them want to admit that they really care for each other, it leads to some pretty interesting tension between the pair.

I have no doubt that Watson will continue on with Sherlock – you can’t have one without the other – but how will this work? What are your thoughts? What will play out in the next six weeks that causes Watson to stay? Let me know what you think!