Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Out of Control”

In this week’s Beauty and the Beast Vincent gets a little ‘Out of Control’. He has yet another blackout and wakes up to find he may have killed a frat kid. JT determines that he didn’t, but it’s not long before the real killer kidnaps his next victim: Evan.

Kat and Tess realise the killer — another college kid — is recreating past murders, and Kat asks Vincent to help find Evan. He does, but he loses control and tears the killer apart. The result isn’t pretty: Evan is left in much the same state at Kat after her mother’s death, convinced that a monster saved him. Vincent and JT realise the thing triggering Vincent’s blackouts is Kat herself, and Vincent opts to lock himself up to protect everyone around him.

This was a pretty good episode of Beauty and the Beast. Plots involving killers who find their way into crime labs aren’t uncommon (there’s even an entire show based on that concept) but this week’s episode really gave it a good go. Admittedly, the episode was on thin ice when it came to the identity of the killer, but redeemed itself when the cops realised the culprit very quickly.

It’ll be interesting to see where the show takes Evan now that he believes something less than human saved his life. Unlike Kat, he has a solid starting point for any investigation he starts: those old cases and knowledge of the strange hair that was found there. Will he end up being told Vincent’s secret? Or will he be lead towards Muirfield instead?

There were only two downsides to this episode for me. Firstly, Vincent was essentially a smaller Hulk. Partway through that subway scene I was half expecting him to go looking for Betty Ross. Secondly, Kat being the trigger behind his blackouts is a bit too cliched love story-ish with the lovestruck couple kept apart by their biological reactions to each other (and it’s probably been done better elsewhere), but I’m willing to keep an open mind. Maybe it’s part of some big evil Muirfield plot, or perhaps it’s a red herring and Kat isn’t really the trigger at all. He had been with her for quite a while before his transformation in the subway tunnel. Hmm…

What did you think of ‘Out of Control’, dear reader? Do you think Kat really is Vincent’s trigger? Do you have any theories about what Evan will do next? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!