The Hour Series 2 Episode 3 Review

After last week’s exploration of racial tensions and immigration, this week’s The Hour is dealing with the legalization of homosexuality, although the debate piece takes much more of a backseat to the drama among co-workers and friends this time around.

Bel and Freddie are still looking into Kiki Delane’s story, despite the protestations of almost everyone around them, and they manage to uncover the tip of the conspiracy and corruption iceberg that lies behind the scandal. I didn’t expect so much information to be given over so soon, since we’re just half-way through a series that has to keep the audience hooked for another three weeks, but I’m certainly not complaining. This second series has managed to not only live up to the first, but actually surpass it with a renewed focus on the characters within the story, rather than just the story itself.

Commander Stern was already unmasked for the audience at the end of last week, but Freddie’s snooping has now let the characters in on the same secret. Despite not daring to believe someone close to him would commit such a betrayal, we can physically see Hector coming around during the show’s debate piece, and he’s not at all happy. The preview for next week sees him again unwilling to help Bel and Freddie in their investigation, but I assume something that will change his mind is just around the corner. In general, this gloomy Hector, unsure of where he stands without his wife by his side, is no fun at all.

But the smell of corruption has brought Freddie and Bel back together as co-workers, even if the former’s wife is currently standing in the way of it becoming anything more. If that wasn’t enough reason for audiences to dislike the character, Camille is also a walking stereotype of a cultured, exotic French woman, and does nothing each episode except complain about how much her husband is working. Another partnership, this time between Lix and Randall, was also a bit clunky this week, as we discover via an unbelievably exposition-heavy scene that the pair had a child who was put up for adoption.

What did you think of the episode? How far down does the conspiracy go? We know that Mr. Pike is also involved in something dodgy. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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