Last Resort Season 1 Review “Big Chicken Dinner”

Last Resort Episode 8 "Big Chicken Dinner" (2)

It’s with great sadness that I return to my reviewing duties with tonight’s episode of Last Resort. “Big Chicken Dinner” is the first episode to air since we’ve learned that this show has been cancelled, and that means that we only have six episodes left in the entire series, including tonight’s. While it’s not altogether surprising that Last Resort didn’t find an audience on ABC, especially considering this tough time slot on Thursdays at 8, it’s great episodes like tonights that make the cancellation that much more painful.

After the big reveal at the end of the last episode that Cortez is the mole that stole the launch key, that storyline takes the back seat this week as we focus on one of the Colorado crew members being accused of raping an island woman.

The trial for Anders had some interesting parts, but overall I had a hard time caring about the result. We really don’t know Anders well at all, as he’s only appeared on one prior episode. We’ve also never seen this island woman before ever, so I didn’t really care on both fronts. I’m not saying I need to know the characters well to appreciate how terrible of an act it is to rape somebody, but it helps you get more invested in it as a storyline.

The whole “trial” itself was a little ridiculous anyway, as the other woman really had zero evidence or witnesses whatsoever. On the contrary, Anders had several members of his crew step forward and come to his defense. It’s a good thing this isn’t a legal show, as a case like hers wouldn’t have stood a chance anywhere else. It was effectively moving to see that the woman in the flahsbacks we were watching was Grace, but it came out of nowhere. It was cool that she got to be the one to out Anders as an actual rapist, though.

Meanwhile, Booth is trying to help Sam discover the mole, so they make the long trek to the comm station where Booth has been receiving her messages. It was nice of Booth to have some nice bonding moments with Sam, so it was all the more unfortunate when Booth tried to kill Sam as soon as he heard the mysterious encrypted message. I’m interested to see what happens here, as I’m hoping this whole “mole” storyline gets resolved before the show ends forever!

Kylie and Christine are still spying on Paul, but nothing really happened on this front. Christine is going on the family boat next week, but this single plot development wasn’t really worth all of the screen time it got in this episode.

Overall this was yet another solid episode of Last Resort, and I’m sure this series will end up going down in history as another great one-season television show alongside the likes of Firefly, Terriers, and Awake. Shawn Ryan confirmed that the 13th episode will now be tweaked to serve as a more satisfying series finale, so I can’t wait to see how the next few episodes set this up!

Random Thoughts:

– I just recently started watching The Shield, another great Shawn Ryan show, and one of my favorite characters is quickly becoming Dutch. That’s why it’s been so weird for me hearing Jay Karnes playing the evil Secretary of Defense William Curry on this show. He only appeared in voice in tonight’s installment, but he’s been such an evil force on the show in the few episodes he’s appeared in.

– Did anybody else think the islanders and their “laws” were written a bit goofy? I have a hard time taking the locals serious as human beings when they honestly think the best way to handle a woman’s allegations is to immediately string up the man she accused and whip him until he dies. Oh, and if he somehow survives his 100 lashes then he’ll get branded. These people are supposed to be civilized! Why are they being written like they’re savages that live in the middle of a jungle?

– So Cortez has to take a jeep and go on a one day journey every time she gets sent a message? Man, that’s commitment.