Vegas Season 1 Review “Exposure”

I got excited when I saw that the case of the week was supposed to take place partially on a military base in the desert. I was hoping we would get to see some alien cover-up stuff. Alas, no aliens. But this was still a solid outing for Vegas.

A few thoughts on “Exposure”:

The case of the week was an Air Force doctor who was found dead in a parking lot. Ralph and Co. quickly deduced that the doctor’s body had been dumped there and the entire crime scene was a set-up. The doctor found out that soldiers on the base were suffering from radiation poisoning, and he told the Air Force investigator about it. The investigator chose not to investigate the doctor’s initial claim because he (the investigator) was protecting his own behind. As it turns out, there was a private defense contracting firm that was conducting top secret tests for anti-radiation suits on the members of the 43rd Airborne unit. The problem is that they didn’t bother telling the soldiers that they were a part of a top secret radiation test. Ralph discovered that one of the defense contractors murdered the doctor, but they couldn’t arrest him since he was on a military base. Ralph tricked the killer into chasing him off the base, and they arrested him then.

I don’t think Johnny’s going to last too long. He’s pushing in on Vince’s turf, and as diplomatic as Vince tries to be, I don’t think he’s going to sit idly by while Johnny micromanages everything. First of all, Johnny doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t just bully your way into everything. Sometimes you have to be tactful; that is most certainly not Johnny’s strong point. Second of all, and most importantly, if Chicago’s primary concern is that the envelops keep coming, Johnny is more of a hindrance than a help in that evolution. His first response to problems is always to kill people which means that it makes it that much harder for Vince to keep law enforcement out of their business. Furthermore, Vince has to work double time to protect his employees from Johnny’s stupidity. When one of the young clerks in the counting room realized that one of the original scorecards was missing, he told Mia about it. She brought it to Vince and Johnny’s attention, but she made it clear that she had handled it and the clerk wasn’t going to be a problem. Vince was satisfied, but not Johnny. Johnny wanted to kill the kid and Vince had to scramble to save the kid’s life. It doesn’t make any sense to me that Chicago would put Johnny in charge. He’s got bricks for brains. But Johnny wasn’t Vince’s only problem.

Patronage at The Savoy had kind of fallen off since the shooting there last week, and Johnny was concerned about the skim. Vince’s solution was to loosen up the slots and let people start winning a little bit to bring people back to the joint. It was a solid plan, but Johnny had other ideas. Johnny hired a famous singer, Diane Desmond, to sing at The Savoy. Vince wasn’t at all pleased to find out that the new hire was his ex-mistress from his time in Havanna. She, of course, wanted to fire up their old relationship, but Vince told her in no uncertain terms that it was over. She didn’t let that stop her from trying to seduce him though. Laura caught them in a somewhat compromising position as Vince was trying to convince Diane to slip Johnny a mickey. Although Laura may have misinterpreted that particular interaction, it didn’t take her long to realize that Diane was the woman Vince had had an affair with in Havanna. Needless to say, she wasn’t pleased about it at all. But there was nothing that she or Vince could do about it. Johnny hired Diane and, as much as he wanted to, Vince couldn’t fire her.

The relationship between Katherine and Laura took an interesting turn this week too. When Katherine initially invited Laura to lunch, they exchanged a few pleasantries before Laura very coldly told her that she knew that Katherine was the ADA. She also said that she had no intention whatsoever of helping Katherine put Vince and his colleagues in prison. But after misinterpreting the confrontation between Vince and Diane, Laura was singing a different tune. She called Katherine for a lunch meeting, and basically said that she was willing to help put away some of Vince’s colleagues. I’m not sure how well this move is going to work out for her and Vince though. She’s angry that Diane is still at The Savoy, and she’s angry about the affair that Diane and Vince had. But going to the law with what she knows is not the most prudent step for her. I foresee one of two things happening. Either Johnny’s dirty DA will tell him that Laura is ratting on him to the law and Johnny will have her killed or Johnny will figure it out some other way and kill her and Vince. Because I don’t see how Vince could possibly convince Johnny that he has nothing to do with it. But even more than that, I don’t see Vince throwing Laura under the bus like that. Although, Laura’s rash decision to be Katherine’s deep throat may be a way to out the dirty DA. We’ll just have to wait and see how things play out on that front.

All in all, solid episode. I’m hoping they continue to develop Dixon because I’m really liking him. He’s funny. And he also happens to be a pretty good cop. I’m concerned about Jack because he seems hell bent on pursuing Mia even though it probably won’t end well for him if he does. I mean seriously. Have you met her father? And we also found out that the police never found out what really happened in Ralph’s wife’s accident. I’m sure we’ll see more of that as the series unfolds. So what did you think of this week’s Vegas? Let me know in the comments.