Underemployed Season 1 Episode 7 Review “The Focus Group”

We’re half-way through the first series of MTV’s new drama, Underemployed, and ‘The Focus Group’ sees things going from bad to worse for the five friends.

Daphne is at the center of things this week, as everyone she knows seems intent on ruining her career. Seeing as she’s the only one actually doing well, freeloaders were inevitable, but when you’re constantly fighting against being fired she really has to call time. It’s not enough that her boss is sabotaging her position by hypothetically offering her a new position, but inviting Raviva and Sofia to her focus group backfires spectacularly. The only relationship going well is the semi-romantic one between her and Miles, and he has his own ‘burning’ problems to deal with this week.

While Raviva is off distracting herself with a day out in the city, Lou is being a very bad baby-daddy while at work. Becca is still sniffing around and he ends up taking the bait while in his dad’s office. Poor Raviva is already suspicious of what he’s getting up to at the office, but now the audience know more than she does. It’s definitely going to explode in the coming weeks, judging by the previews. Will it just be a cycle of them outdoing each other? What Lou has done is worse, but Raviva might find herself drawn back to Jamell before they work things out. With a child stuck in the middle, it’s certainly an interesting storyline to watch unfold.

Sofia is still spiraling out of control, and it looks like the semi-breakup we saw between her and her girlfriend last week turned into a full-blown one after we cut away. With no rich friends, no job, and the threat of eviction looming, this is the first realistic depiction of being a struggling 20-something that the show has actually shown. In the end, Miles’ old room at Raviva and Lou’s is offered up, and the rent-free accommodation will allow the burgeoning author to actually finish her book. I would have liked to see this story thread continued for a little longer, as these people’s knock-backs always seem to work themselves out before disaster actually strikes.

What did you think of the episode? Will Raviva and Lou’s relationship survive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.