Survivor: Philippines Review “Hell Hath Frozen Over”

Survivor: Philippines Episode 11 (2012) Hell Hath Frozen Over (1)

Going into tonight’s episode of Survivor: Philippines, you just knew that Abi would be the next one to go home, right? “Hell Hath Frozen Over” was really just going to be all about trying to make the hour of television as exciting as possible. I mean, we all knew what was gonna happen, right?

As the legendary NFL commentator Chris Berman would say: “That’s why they play the games!”

I’m not gonna say I felt particularly bad for Abi after last week. I really didn’t think she was as “destroyed” as she said she was. Unless there were a lot of insults and mean comments that didn’t make it to air, I actually thought everybody was surprisingly gentle considering how lecherous of a person she is. Seeing the scenes from last week, especially Denise’s comments, they really didn’t sound that harsh at all. She was downright diplomatic with her statement!

We quickly get to the always entertaining Survivor auction, and I was so glad that they didn’t include a bad item. I always feel so bad for people who spend all their money for animal testicles or something gross, so I’m glad we didn’t see that. I also never understood why people have been so conservative in the auctions in the past. So many people are so stingy about spending their money, that just about every time we have an auction at least one person goes home without spending a dollar! So I loved that everybody won something, and most notably with Abi spending all $500 to win an advantage in the immunity challenge. And that’s where things went weird…

It honestly took me a while to even figure out what Abi’s plan was, and when I realized that she planned to pretend that the advantage she bought would give her an advantage in the immunity challenge and a clue to the hidden immunity idol, I was floored by how dumb she was. I guess her big fake-out all doesn’t really matter considering she won the freakin’ immunity idol!

I was shocked and irritated that Abi won the challenge, but at least it made the post-challenge strategizing a little more interesting. It’s now down to Penner and Denise, with Lisa making yet another bone-headed move and divulging her alliance secrets to Penner. Skupin found himself in a swing vote situation, and decided to go against Penner. I don’t think this was a smart idea, as Penner would have been easier to beat in the final three, but at least he’s sticking with his original alliance.

I’m interested to see what happens next week with the friends and loved ones coming to visit. See you all then!

Random Thoughts:

– I absolutely loved Malcolm comparing Abi to a girlfriend that just won’t leave you alone. Malcolm is really emerging as a fan favorite, and he’s probably the one I’m actively rooting for the most to win the whole thing.

– Do you think more people are going to be keeping the $500 that is given to them for the Survivor auction from now on? I honestly didn’t even know that was an option until Tarzan kept the money last season.

– Did anybody understand what Penner was yelling as he walked out of tribal? Maybe give me the edited version, if necessary.