Supernatural Season 8 Review “Hunteri Heroici” – Castiel Makes a Fantastic Third Wheel

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 8 Hunteri Heroici

In this episode of Supernatural, called “Hunteri Heroici,” Castiel decides that he wants to become a hunter and we find out a lot more about Sam’s time with Amelia.

The whole theme of this episode was running and hiding from reality. Fred hid in his cartoon world, Cas is still hiding on earth to escape the devastation he caused in Heaven, and we saw that Sam was hiding when he was with Amelia.

First up, let’s talk about Castiel’s turn as a hunter. Ever since I saw the preview for this episode, I’ve been drooling in anticipation and boy did it deliver. I realize not every fan likes the idea of Castiel hunting with Sam and Dean, but I thought he did a fantastic job. You gotta admit he was pretty darn helpful; smelling out stuff from drug use to bladder infections (ick), listening to police radio signals in his head, healing people and even taking Sam and Dean into Fred’s mind. But though he was great with all the help, I don’t know if he’s cut out to do it full time. He doesn’t have the boys’ instincts and as much as I loved watching all three of them working together, I think Cas may be meant for bigger things.

Now let’s talk about Sam. Just yesterday, I just wrote an article defending Sam because I felt like I was starting to understand some of his behavior this season. But this episode gave us ever so much more information. I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but Sam completely running away from reality makes a lot of sense. Also finding out that Amelia found out that Don was alive was a big eye-opener, too.

What I wonder now is: With all of this talk in the episode about running away – was it meant to explain what Sam did back then and tell us that he had snapped out of it right before Dean showed up, or is it all meant to show us that he is finally waking up from his dream world now?

There are still so many unanswered questions and something tells me that though some may be answered in next week’s fall finale, there will still be plenty to keep us up at night during the winter hiatus. It’s not even here yet and I’m already dreading it.

My favorite bits..

“What’s the word, Cas?”
“It’s the shortened version of my name.”

Sam and Dean’s reaction to Cas announcing that he wanted to become a hunter.

Cas arguing that a third wheel was indeed a good thing.

The coroner calling Dean “Scully.”

“Cas, stop smelling the dead guy.”

Cas’ head going back and forth as he watched Sam and Dean figuring out everything about their victim in about 30 seconds.

“Nice job on that bladder infection.”

“Do not use the words ‘moist’ or irregardless.'”
“There goes my opener.”

Amelia’s father calling Sam a “fixer upper.” – Oh man, that was cold.

“What? I was being bad cop.”
“You were being bad everything.”

The look on Dean’s face when the found out the guy had an open marriage.

The horn honking just as Dean said “Who gives a ..” – Nice!

“So we’re looking for some sort of insect-rabbit hybrid? How do we kill it?”

Cas waxing existential about cartoons. Well, I guess it’s better than him sitting around watching porn.

Cas calmly announcing that he would watch over Dean as he slept.

“Do you boys chase the crazy, or does the crazy chase you?”
“Depends on the day.”

Cas remarking that John had beautiful handwriting. Seeing him read John’s journal was so sweet.

The entire conversation between Dean and Cas in the hotel room: Dean sitting across from Cas, telling him “talk to me,” everything Cas said in reply, all of it was almost too amazing for description.

“Let’s gear up, it’s wabbit season.”
“I don’t think you pronounced that correctly.”

“No flirting, you two.”

“I’ll interrogate the cat.” – Real life LOL. Laughed so hard I cried, no lie.

And laughed even harder when the cat called Cas a dumbass. Haha!

Cas getting caught threatening to kill a patient in an old folks home. Oops.

Not being able to help laughing when the cake exploded all over the TV.

“There was a pastry mishap.” – Understatement.

Cas pulling out his healing mojo on the thief.

“How did you?”
“Guy eats his Wheaties.”

Really wishing Sam would’ve decked Amelia’s for making the crack about John having good taste, “for a jarhead.”

Cas transporting them into Jones’ mind. OMG! Reminded me of that old Twilight Zone movie.

“What’s up, doc?” – Brilliant!

Dean’s gun only shooting a flag that said “Bang!” on it.

The descriptions of Dean and Dr. Mahoney showing up on the screen, Road Runner-style.

“Eventually whatever it is you’re running from, it’ll find you.”

“That’s all, folks.”

Dean rewarding Cas with an offer to ride shotgun. Aw.

“But I know I can’t run anymore.”

Sam telling Amelia’s dad that his brother was the best and when he lost Dean, he ran.

Amelia getting a phone call that her husband was alive. Holy crap!

Cas sitting down next to Fred and enjoying the music along with him.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • LordoftheNight

    Absolutely laughed my ass off during this episode.

    Dean seems to be a bit closer to his old self before the world got him down. He’s got his brother, his best friend is back and not crazy or evil, and he has maybe started to accept that he can’t fix everything.

    Sam’s flashbacks are getting more interesting, as I do wonder if anything else could have caught up with him and shattered his dream world.

    Castiel is as always hilarious when he’s trying to be serious. From his cat interrogation, to describing Wile E. Coyote as being man and Roadrunner as God, and his offering to draw Sam a diagram to explain how he senses things. Cas truthfully could be an excellent hunter, no monster can threaten him and he can move much faster than any human. But he lacks the skills for the minutiae of the job and that does mean he could never hunt on his own, but with a good partner(s) like Dean and Sam to handle that he could be a much more useful asset.

    Highlights of the episode,

    The Tex Avery Heart, shame that it didn’t jump further. 🙂

    Castiel saying he wants to be a hunter, and the brothers reactions to it. Sam’s was especially good.

    Cas responding to the name Cas with “That’s a shortened version of my name.” He’s back to stating the obvious at weird times.

    Cas playing bad cop, and Dean telling him he sucks at it. And then Cas blurting out that the lady’s husband was cheating on him.

    “Who gives a-” Hehe Dean never gets a chance to really swear. But such a misdirection is classic comedy.

    “So we are looking for an insect-rabbit hybrid?”

    “It’s wabbit season,” “I don’t think you pronounced that right.”

    Cas listening into the police radio. “It sounds loony.”

    “That’s loony.”

    Cas interrogating the cat. “I’ll interrogate the cat.” “Not now, i’ve almost cracked him.” “I’ll be back for you.”

    “Dumbass.” LOL!!! Shame the brothers didn’t hear Salem Saberhagen actually speaking, that would have been freaky even for them.

    Cas suggesting murder out loud and getting caught.

    “There was a pastry mishap.”

    Cas pulling Sam into the cartoon world, shame they weren’t animated but it was just as funny to see them in the background of a Roadrunner cartoon.

    Dean Winchester (Hunterus Heroicus) Dr Mahoney (Grotesques Villanus)

    The gag fight. The bang gun, the frying pan, the soundtrack, the black holes and Dean’s “What’s up doc?” All just brilliant.

    Cas deciding to stay and listen to the music with Fred Jones. His crazy time taught him to appreciate the music, and he hasn’t lost that.

    And once more. What the hell is Naomi planning??

    Really enjoyed this episode, was one of the funniest yet and I look forward to seeing if a future episode will try to usurp it for the Season’s Funniest Episode.

  • kay66

    Really enjoyed last night’s episode, from previews I was surprised to see so much of Sam and Amelia’s backstory, it’s been a bit difficult for me to be invested in a relationship that I know ended in episode one. I don’t want Sam to leave Amelia because her spouse comes back from the dead, but because he wants to rejoin Dean.

  • Thought this was a great Cas episode. I love the story lines of his need for atonement and understanding the consequences of his actions, and now with the realization that he’s been running away makes him more human than he realizes. I think we also need to point out that conversation of Cas saying he’d kill himself because it would all be too much and Dean’s understanding reaction was an amazing moment!

  • Jessica Breaux

    Hi Michelle! Great review. I absolutely LOVED this episode. It had a perfect blend of humor (Cas interrogating a cat and then the cat calling him a dumbass; I mean
    c’mon, that’s hilarious!) and drama. I am really surprised that Andrew Dabb delivered such a great episode. Usually his (and Daniel Loflin’s) episodes are hit or miss for me, but this was definitely a hit. In addition to the overall story, he did a really good job with the pacing which is something that normally feels off about his and Loflin’s episodes. But kudos to him for writing a very good episode. That last fight at the bank alone was worth the price of admission. There were a lot of great things about this episode, but two things really jumped out at me.

    First, the brief conversation between Dean and Cas was heartbreaking and wonderfully acted by Ackles and Collins. It showed a different dynamic in the Dean/Cas relationship. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall Dean ever asking Cas to talk to him. I think Dean always kind of assumed that if Cas had something to say, he would just say it. But Dean above all others should know that’s not generally how people operate when they’re burdened with a metric ton of guilt. I don’t think Dean really understood until that conversation just how deeply Cas feels about what he did. And truth be told, no matter how many lives Cas saves or how much good he does going forward, I don’t think he’ll ever really forgive himself for what he did as God!Cas. I think it was important for him to verbalize his feelings though, and who else could he share his pain with other than Dean? Dean is not only Cas’s best friend, he’s also one of the few people that can truly understand doing something
    that you’re so ashamed of that you spend the rest of your life trying to atone for it. I also like that Dean didn’t try to offer solutions or words of wisdom to Cas; he just listened. Sometimes that’s all you really need your friends to do; just listen.

    Second, that ending. I’ve heard the theory floating around on the internet that Sam’s past year is all an illusion because he suffered a complete mental break after Dean disappeared. Prior to last night’s episode, I didn’t really give any thought to that because it seemed a bit far-fetched (even for this show). However, there are several things about this episode that I think lend some credence to that theory. (1)Sam seemed to understand too completely about taking refuge inside your own mind. I don’t think it had anything to do with his hellucinations because those were most certainly not pleasant for him. But he seemed really happy with Amelia and it
    seems that he felt safe. That is what Sam always wanted. Going all the way back to the Pilot, Sam never said he wanted normal; he wanted safe. That’s what he had with Amelia. Sam seemed to truly understand why Fred would want to stay in the safe world he created in his head perhaps because that’s what Sam had done? (2)The conversation that Sam had with Amelia’s father seemed rather odd. It seemed more than just a concerned father looking out for his daughter. It seemed like someone (or something) was telling Sam that hiding there wasn’t going to help him. The father seemed too, I don’t know, on the nose. (3)The way that Don all of a sudden turned up not dead. If the theory is correct that Amelia and all of that isn’t real, then when she said that “Don” wasn’t dead, that could’ve been Sam’s mind saying that “Dean” isn’t dead. But if that’s the case, how would Sam, even subconsciously, know that? Someone (or something) would have to tell him. Which leads me to my (current) theory.

    Perhaps the angels did infiltrate Sam’s mind. If we go with the theory that Sam did indeed suffer a total mental break, then he would’ve been out of commission, and judging from Naomi’s interest in Sam and Dean’s quest for the tablets, she needed him back in the game. To what end, I’m not sure yet. But perhaps the angels infiltrated his mind in a different way. What if Sam didn’t actually break? What if he did actually have that time with Amelia, but it was all an angelic creation? We’ve seen the angels totally create a reality for the Boys before in S4 ‘It’s a Terrible Life.’ In that reality they had memories that were obviously not real. Zachariah was also a part of that false reality. He was playing a role and waiting for the right moment to reveal the truth to Dean. And although we don’t know the extent of Naomi’s abilities, we’ve seen that she can manipulate Castiel’s mind and memories, so why wouldn’t she be able to do that to Sam as well? It would explain how, if Sam had really suffered a mental break and was hiding out in his head, she would be able to tell him that Dean is alive. It would also explain why Amelia’s dad was so stuck on Sam and Amelia not living in a dream world. But if Naomi did infiltrate Sam’s mind at that time and plant those memories, the question still remains why? What’s the endgame? That ending also raised more questions: If Sam did not actually break, why plant the memories of that year at all? How much time elapsed between Amelia finding out that Don wasn’t dead and Sam leaving? Why did Sam leave like that? Who was that outside the house? So many questions!

    I really want to find out whether Sam’s past year is all straightforward or whether there is something a bit more nefarious going on here. Jeremy Carver did say that we were going to be playing with perception this year, and we’ve already seen that Dean’s perception of his Purgatory escape was very skewed. Maybe Sam’s perception of his past year is also just as skewed. We’ll just have to wait to find out. One thing I did appreciate about the Sam/Amelia flashbacks is that Amelia seemed MUCH less bitchy than she has in the past. She was much more relateable. I still don’t think Lianne Balaban and Jared Padalecki have all that much chemistry though. It was better than in past flashbacks, but still kind of meh. I can’t believe we’re already almost to the mid-season hiatus, but I am loving S8 so far. Great review and I look forward to reading the next one.

  • rosa

    Cas is the most precious thing, isn’t he?