Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Review “Darthy” — All Is Revealed

The club has been fracturing for a while now, but it was perhaps never so evident as in ‘Darthy’, the penultimate episode of Sons of Anarchy‘s fifth season.

We learned just what Bobby spoke to Clay about at the end of last week’s episode. He made a deal with Clay; if Clay told the club about his part in the home invasions, Bobby would vote against killing him. The result was Clay’s patch being stripped — and Jax being mightly pissed off with Bobby.

But Clay isn’t content to roll over and stay well out of everyone’s way, at least not for long. After a brief stay in Belfast — a trip he wants Gemma to accompany him on — he wants to come back and continue dealing weapons for the Irish.

The Sons attempts to end their association with the Galindo cartel hit a snag when a delay in the new supplier’s weapon shipments was revealed. The only solution was to get one more shipment from the Irish, something that seemed to be acceptable, even without Clay doing the deal. But then Romeo and some of his guys turned up, caused a commotion and took the guns and their money. Why were they so hasty? Presumably to screw things up for Jax. The RICO case being dropped has pissed off a lot of people.

It’s the way in which Otto ruined his part in the RICO case that upset Lee Toric, ex-US marshal. The murdered nurse was his sister and he wants revenge. He visited Tara today to let her know that he knows all. Up until then, Tara’s case was looking quite good; she claimed to have naively given Otto the crucifix, not realising that it was against the rules. But with Toric speculating whether Tara was visiting Otto to get him to ruin the RICO case, Tara realises that things aren’t looking good for her.

After her lawyer mentions plans for childcare if anything happens to Tara and/or Jax, Tara decides to make nice with Wendy. Tara allows her to see Abel, and implies that she may want Wendy to have custody of the kids if they were ever left without their parents. But Jax was less than impressed by this turn of events, and when things went south with the Irish and Wendy found out about Abel’s previous kidnapping, he didn’t take kindly to her threats to try and get custody of her son. To prevent her from going to the authorities, Jax paid her a visit — and shot her up with drugs. If Wendy tries to cause trouble, Jax will demand a drugs test. That, it seems, is the end of that problem. For now, at least.

This was a brilliant episode. It was the smaller scenes that made it for me: Clay giving Juice the gun, Tara letting Wendy see Abel, Clay breaking down in the office. It was fantastic storytelling and so incredibly emotional to watch. I haven’t been a fan of Clay during this season, but seeing him trying to be stoic while his ink was covered over was heartbreaking.

Most of the episode spoke for itself. There’s little to be said about the Toric situation (which will presumably make up a big part of next week’s season finale) or the potential for Tara to go to jail. The characters did a great job of summing up how awful both of those situations were themselves. I have to note that I usually don’t like Tara, but I found her to be pretty great this week.

One character who did not endear himself to me at all was Jax. I understood his frustration with letting Clay live. I was actually sort of relieved he was preparing to hand Tig over to Pope finally (even though I like Tig). I even understood his anger at Bobby. But I lost all respect for Jax in that final scene. While he said that Wendy had no way to build a case against him, he was right in assuming that she could still be a threat. Let’s be honest here: not only is Jax a known violent criminal, but Tara is potentially going to be charged with aiding Otto. Things are not looking good for them.

But Jax is also running low on friends. His own family isn’t trustworthy, and the people who have both the ability and the willingness to look after his kids if anything should happen are pretty much nonexistent. (Aside from Gemma, but then she can barely look after herself right now.) It would have been smarter for Jax to get Wendy onside, keeping her sweet just in case he ever needs her in the future. Instead he pumped her full of drugs, knowing full well that not only would this stop her from going to the police, but it has the potential to destroy all the work she’s done getting clean and turning her life around. What an ass.

What did you think about ‘Darthy’, dear reader? What do you think will happen to SAMCRO? Think Clay will make it Belfast? Will Tig even make it to the end of the season? And what are your thoughts on Jax? Let us know in the comments below!