New Girl Season 2 Review “Eggs” – Panic at the Fertility Clinic

New Girl Season 2 Episode 9 Eggs
There’s always some new article or study that tries to scare thirty-something women into having children as soon as possible. This week, it was “Eggs,” the latest episode of New Girl. When Jess and CeCe’s lesbian gynecologist friend announced her pregnancy, she terrified Jess with statistics about her likelihood of being a mother past thirty, prompting her to chart out her fertility and dragging CeCe along for the ride.

As it turned out, Jess, like most thirty-something women who are routinely scared by these studies, had nothing to worry about; her eggs were just fine. But CeCe, on the other hand…she needs to get the baby train in motion. Unfortunately, her current squeeze is daddy material without any of the desire to be a daddy. It just struck me, listening to Robby say he wanted children someday, that men are never the ones to realize when “someday” has arrived. CeCe was painfully aware of this, however, as she sat next to him in the zoo and felt her eggs drying up.

But will she turn to Schmidt, who might seem like the anti-baby daddy, but would actually be a great father and a great support system? He was dealing with a painful revelation of his own; although he has some sexual skills that made a pregnant lesbian want him, he couldn’t take care of his boss in bed, despite their sex contract. It was love, she told him. Because they weren’t in love with each other, it was never going to happen. It suddenly hit Schmidt that the reason sex with CeCe was so effortless was because he loved her. Poor boy.

Meanwhile, Nick was trying to prove to Winston that he was capable of finishing something, and he chose his zombie novel as the thing he was going to complete…after a lot of Hemingway drinking and zoo-excursion procrastination. Of course, the novel was terrible, and it had a trick word search puzzle contained within, but he did finish it. Everyone is displaying some personal growth this year; I think Nick is long overdue for the same.

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