NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Review “Collateral” – Hetty Takes a Stand

NCIS Los Angeles Season 4 Episode 8

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Collateral,” the team starts out looking for a murderer and ends up on a search for a missing Hetty and a missing Granger.

Once again Hetty’s past came back to haunt her and once again the team was there to pull her (and Granger) out of the proverbial fire. One of Hetty’s past missions caused a young girl to lose her father and embark on a plan for revenge that lasted decades. When the now woman starts putting her plan into place, Hetty of course gets herself as far away from the team as possible to protect her people. But she also leaves them just enough clues to come find her and help out when they were needed.

In addition to the captivating main story, we also got a lot of great team stuff in this one. I loved the Deeks and Kensi interactions on both the shooting range and in and around the call girl establishment in Hollywood. Eric turning Nell into an obsessed football fan was great, as was Eric’s quiet reassurances when Nell was worried about Hetty. I cracked up when we discovered that Sam is a closet geek and I am tickled to know that he, Nell and Eric hang out sometimes.

As for Sam and Callen, the moments we got with them were mixed throughout the entire episode, most of which happened in Sam’s car. It reminded me of Steve and Danny on Hawaii Five-0: if those two have “carguments,” then Sam and Callen do a lot of “car-bonding.” Sam and Callen always seem to find out the most about each other when they are driving in the car to a suspect’s house, or sitting on a stakeout for hours at a time.

Overall this was another fun, exciting, dramatic and team-centric episode – what more could you possibly ask for?

My favorite bits..

“Oh, Magoo, you’ve done it again.”

I guess the cigars killed him after all…or at least the lighter that lit them.

“You know what, these targets are culturally biased.”
“Against what, surfers?”

Deeks claiming that he was a better shot when his targets were moving and talking smack.

Deeks telling Sam that Monty ate one of Sam’s vinyl records. Oh boy, this is not going to end well.

“I like Yosemite Sam. Don’t implicate him in this.”

Deeks accusing Sam of being a hippie. Oh boy, that’s not going to end well either.

Sam and Callen debating cartoons in the car.

“Married, not dead.”

Finding out that the team has a swear jar. That is beyond awesome.

Eric and Callen accusing Sam of being a geek. Wow, is everyone cruising for a bruising from Sam in this episode?

Kensi putting on a show for the cameras in the lobby.

“You said you could handle any man, I didn’t think a little wo-man was going to throw you off your game.”

Kensi threatening to tell Sam that Deeks sat on his record and broke it.

The whole football conversation between Nell and Eric.

“The last NCIS employee to spy on Hetty now has a permanent lisp.”
“Be discreet, if you get caught there’s always speech therapy.”

“You asking us to standing down?”
“Did I stutter?”

Deeks asking if they could use a bookmark after Granger told them the case was closed.

Nell telling Sam and Callen “no.” Yes, they talked her into it eventually, but I loved that she wasn’t afraid to stand up to them.

Everyone giving Deeks the stink-eye when he started talking about partners grand-standing and taking all the credit.

Eric reassuring Nell that Hetty was going to be just fine and they shouldn’t underestimate her because she never underestimates them. So sweet.

“Her kung fu is strong, and her magic is powerful.”

Callen finding the nut on Hetty’s desk and realizing it was a breadcrumb.

The little smile Hetty gave Callen, even as she was pretending to chastise him for defying an order.

Jumping about six feet in the air when all the shooting started.

Callen diving over Hetty to protect her from the gunfire.

The systematic way that Deeks, Kensi, Callen and Sam took out all of the bad guys. Normally I find huge shootouts like that a little bit unrealistic, but seeing them use all of their training made it a blast to watch. It was team-centric and exciting all at once.

“I though I told you to stay back.”
“We share a similar attitude towards obeying the rules, Mr. Callen.”

“She wasn’t born a killer, we made her one.”

Finding out that Sam had invited Nell and Eric over for a James Bond marathon. Okay, when can we actually see some of this cool team stuff that happens when the team is off duty? They’re killing me with all these great stories.

“I’m not a geek!”
“Then you’re a fanboy?”
“I’m a complicated man.”

Hetty admitting that she would do it all again as two lives had saved hundreds of others.

Final Blackout Moment: “The night is young, let’s get faded.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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