Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Question of Faith” – The Best Intentions

Emily Owens, M.D. Episode 6 Emily and... the Question of Faith
There comes a point in every relationship where you realize that you cannot change the other person, no matter how badly they need to change. I arrived at that point with Emily in this week’s episode of Emily Owens, MD, “Emily and the Question of Faith.” I had to accept that she will never really stand up for herself and that she will always give away too much of herself to people who have consistently tormented and betrayed her.

Now that Cassandra and Will are dating (or at least having sex), Emily found herself in several awkward, but not nearly as fun positions. Will wanted her and Cassandra to be friends, and of course Emily was willing to give it a shot because she’s a pacifist who lacks confrontational skills. It almost worked, too, until a vengeful Tyra made things even worse.

After finally working up the courage to come out to her father, Tyra ended up finding out that not only had he been with another woman, but that Emily knew about it. Of course she blamed Emily and, when given the chance, paid her back by telling Cassandra that Emily had asked Will to stay away from her.

Emily actually almost stood up for herself when she told Tyra that she had nothing to be sorry for because of the impossible situation she’d been in, but then with her very next breath, she was apologizing to Tyra. Can you say frustrating?! In the end, Tyra forgave her for the thing that was entirely not her fault, but couldn’t actually form her own words of apology.

As for Cassandra, she figured Emily just hated her, but Emily went against everything she should have known about her arch-nemesis and confessed that she had been in love with Will and he’d rejected her. I expected Cassandra to go crazy with the PDA in front of Emily from then on, but to my surprise, she stopped Will from kissing her when she saw Emily watching. Huh. A moment of humanity. Didn’t see that coming from her.

Meanwhile, Micah and the pretty OB doc got a little closer, although he does still like Emily a bit. Even Will isn’t totally immune to Emily; an elderly patient made him confess that back in med school, he’d thought about dating her, but decided he didn’t want to ruin their friendship, which is guy code for “she’s not hot enough to date, but she’s nicer than the girls who are.”

I know we’re supposed to swoon over Will, and goodness knows he’s ridiculously hot, but I actually like him less and less every week. Knowing how Emily feels about him, knowing how she feels about Cassandra…he’s still trying to kiss her in the middle of the hallway? And he’s more than a little arrogant, as evidenced by him dispensing medication before the test results were back. I kind of want him to mess up big time, just to knock him down a peg or two.

And Emily should have let her bad evaluation of Gina go through. No one gets anywhere when they’re all afraid of rocking the boat.

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