American Horror Story Season 2 Interview: Mark Consuelos On Scaring Kelly Ripa As Spivey

mark consuelos american horror story

Mark Consuelos is making a new name for himself with his terrifying role as Spivey in American Horror Story: Asylum. During a conference call with the actor, TV Equals was able to learn more about the role, how Consuelos gets into character and what types of reactions he’s gotten from his family and fans.

The initial warning

Consuelos said that during the intial talks he had with the show’s creator Ryan Murphy about Spivey, Murphy told Consuelos upfront about how insane Spivey was going to be.

“He did warn me that [Spivey is] going to be a super-dark kind of character…and for me, that’s exactly why I would want to play this part,” he said. Consuelos said he didn’t have an idea as to what he would have to go through with makeup or costuming, but he was up for it. “I said, ‘Whatever you’re about to ask me to do, Ryan, the answer’s yes.”

Becoming Spivey

“I don’t know,” he said when asked how he approaches getting into character. Laughing, he said, “Honestly, I found it–I think you just kind of get into it,” he said. “It’s so amazing–the makeup, the wardrobe–it’s really specific and it helps with that…and you get into character pretty easily on set. And…you’re working with some of the greatest actors ever, it’s so fantastic. I think that also helps…I think what they do on this show is that they set you up to do really good work. You have a lot of support all around.”

How his family reacted to his character

With Consuelos being the actor most people associate with “nice” roles, it’s interesting to see how his fans and family feel about him taking on such a dark character. Consuelos said his family is both freaked out and loving his role.

“I think it disturbs my wife [Kelly Ripa] a little bit in a good way…She finds it so disturbing and she can’t look away. She wants to look away but she can’t look away,” he said. “And I have one 15-year-old son who loves the genre and he’s been watching it too–I’m kind of on the fence about if he should be able to watch it–but I have an incredible about of street credibility from being on this show, as he puts it.”

Fan reaction

Much like Consuelos’ family, his fans have also adapted very well to his scary turn as Spivey, being simultaneously shocked and impressed. “I think the fans have responded really, really well to it,” he said. “They didn’t expect it. They’re appreciating it and enjoying it.”

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.