American Horror Story Asylum Season 2 “Dark Cousin” Review – Clarifying The Chain Of Command

American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 7 Dark Cousin (4)

I’ve heard really mixed things from friends that have been watching American Horror Story this season. Half of the people seem to like it, half of the people think that the show needs to go back to the method that was presented in season one. Personally, I am loving everything that Ryan Murphy and crew are doing with Asylum. I adore seeing the same actors from last season in completely different roles, and I am supremely enjoying that the show continues to be scary, but without using the same elements that we saw in the first season.

In “Dark Cousin”, Sister Jude has left Briarcliff. It’s now up to Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden to run the asylum, and Mary Eunice quickly puts to rest exactly who is in charge… here’s a hint: it ain’t Arden. In fact, Arden tries to muscle his way into a command post, and when he’s about to deliver a second slap to Mary Eunice she throws him across the room. Hey, it’s not like she didn’t warn him.

Mary Eunice discovers that there’s an angel of death wandering the Briarcliff halls, and comes upon the being right after she ends the suffering of one of Briarcliff’s patients. Dark angel briefly wonders how Mary Eunice can physically see her, but realizes that Mary isn’t just any old nun. She can see that something else is residing inside the poor girl’s body, and refers to the demon as “cousin”. So, that leads me to deduce that it is actually Satan possessing Mary Eunice, which I’m pretty sure we knew, but this was solid confirmation. I had to dig in the back of my head to think of any other fallen angels that I’d learned about in religion class… and none jumped out at me, so I’m sticking with Lucifer. Which is going to be no good for anyone that crosses the path of little Mary Eunice.

Sister Jude discovers this when she finds her detective with a shard of glass sticking out of his neck and newspaper clippings from her hit and run accident strewn around his hotel room. Mary Eunice is up to no good and is pulling out all the tricks that she knows to keep Sister Jude far far away from Briarcliff. But the angel has other plans for Jude, and convinces the nun that God has a plan for her. Regardless of what Jude thinks, it might not be her time to go after all. We discover right along with Jude that all of her guilt over the little girl wasn’t exactly warranted – the kid never died – she just ended up with a few broken bones. Not that Sister Jude shouldn’t confess to the hit and run, but at least she’s not a murderer.

However, Bloody Face is a murderer and Lana is about to become his next victim. After apologizing for “violating” her, Bloody decides that he’s going to kill Lana, but she gets to choose how. Either by strangulation or by a slit throat, but he’ll make it fast so she doesn’t suffer. Lana actually denies the dark angel that comes to collect her, and ends up turning into a bad ass to save herself. While Bloody Face starts towards her with a needle full of some medication to knock her out, Lana breaks a picture frame over his face (and leaves a shard of glass sticking in his cheek) and starts to strangle him with her leg chain. She manages to get out of his house and jumps into the first car that appears on the road.

Unfortunately for her, the driver is the most unstable person on the planet, and spouts off about how all women do is leave, and whatever happened to Lana had to be her fault, etc, etc, etc. He then turns a gun on himself and crashes the car. Lana survives, but finds herself back at Briarcliff where she spills her knowledge of Bloody Face to Sister Mary Eunice.

Meanwhile, Kit is on the run from the cops and Grace is now doctor Arden’s “little miracle” since she’s not dead from her botched “sterilization”. Kit comes strolling into the kitchen to get Grace out of Briarcliff, but he didn’t realize that he’d let in one of Arden’s little experiments until the mutant attacked him. In a disgusting scene, Kit disembowels the thing and Grace, in a heroic moment, steps in front of a gun for Kit. So our body count for “Dark Cousin” is as follows: Lana’s car driver, mutant creature, Grace, and Sister Jude’s detective. The angel harvested (reaped?) all of their souls and sent them on their merry way where they can now rest in peace.

But what will happen to Sister Jude? Will she return to Briarcliff now that she knows her purpose? Will Kit escape the asylum now that Grace is dead? Will Lucifer continue to reside in Mary Eunice? I’d love to hear your thoughts in comments below!

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