666 Park Avenue Season 1 “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane” Review

666 Park Avenue Episode 8 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (7)

The last time we left 666 Park Avenue, Jane was descending a staircase to what I assumed was a hell like place, but what turned out to be a slow motion world of Time Square. 666 Park Avenue opens with Henry papering the neighborhood with “missing” posters featuring Jane’s face. It turns out that she’s been missing for 36 hours, and Henry is feeling really guilty about forcing her to stay in New York.

Cut to Jane’s vision, dream, hallucination, whatever of Time Square where an old woman tells her “You shouldn’t have come here”… “Here” being, where exactly? An alternate universe? Hell? Purgatory? I could speculate about this place for hours if given the chance. After Jane’s trip through Time Square where she yells for Henry the entire time, she wakes up in the hospital looking awful.

Henry visits and while Jane begs him to take her home, he explains that she has to stay there to get better, and watches as Jane has a flashback of being restrained and wonders if Jane has the same mental illness that her grandmother suffered from.

I will say that the entire hospital scene was heartbreaking from Henry’s point of view. The guilt, fear, and helplessness on his face was perfectly placed and really made me feel for him in that situation. If Henry had taken Jane out of New York when she had asked, they wouldn’t be in the hospital right now.

Jane overhears that her symptoms are similar to another patient, and seeks out Julian in the D-Wing, which is a terrifying place. They have a conversation through Julian’s locked door where Jane discovers that instead of going down the stairs at The Drake, Julian came UP them. But he doesn’t want to talk anymore.

Meanwhile, Gavin is interrogating Shaw about the red box and Shaw comes clean that Olivia knows the truth about Sasha’s death and that she actually killed herself because of the person that Gavin turned out to be. It seems that Olivia might have more to do with the on-goings at The Drake then I initially thought. For some reason she believes Shaw when he tells her that Sasha is still alive, and lets him lead her to Sasha even though he tried to kill her, but apparently Olivia forgives easily or something.

Back in the hospital Jane finds Julian hanging with symbols drawn in blood on the walls, and the corpse opens his eyes, telling Jane that she shouldn’t have come there. Cut to Jane leaving the hospital and Nona visiting telling her that Julian’s symbol can be found at Maris’s apartment… and that Maris can help. 666 Park Avenue ends with Jane ringing the doorbell and we’re left hanging again.

What do you think is happening with Jane? Where did that staircase lead? How do you feel about 666 Park Avenue being cancelled? I’d love to hear from you!