‘Sherlock’ Not Back on TV Until Late 2013…Maybe Even 2014?!


Yes, you read that title correctly folks!

It is looking like the much-anticipated third season of the U.K. hit mini-series Sherlock won’t be hitting the airwaves here in the States until either late next year or possibly even early in 2014.

The reason for the delay is simple. The stars of ‘Sherlock’ – Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman – are in such demand that the powers that be need to wait to start production on the modern-day spin on the legendary crime-solver until the actors schedules clear up. In case you are not aware, Cumberbatch is part of the cast for the upcoming ‘Star Trek’ sequel and Freeman is part of the cast of ‘The Hobbit’ prequels.

An official air date for ‘Sherlock’ has not been announced by the BBC as yet, but viewers in the U.K. will get the third season first and then the mini-series will work its way to PBS here in the States. Needless to say, the production on season three was to start in January of 2013, but has been moved to March and that bump in the schedule will affect all viewers regardless of where they live.

For those who need a refresher, ‘Sherlock’ is a modern look at famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch) and his “sidekick” Dr. John Watson (Freeman) as they solve crimes in 21st century London. [Source: Entertainment Weekly]