Revolution Season 1 Review “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” — It’s Miles vs Monroe!

It finally happened, dear reader. Danny has been saved! After ten excruciating episodes of Revolution, ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’ saw the gang go up against the Militia on their turf. And do you know what? It was actually good. Not just ‘good by Revolution standards’, but genuinely good. At least up until the last ten minutes, but I’ll come to that.

In the first thirty minutes:

Danny was saved. As far as characters on this show go, Danny is utterly pointless. His only purposes so far have been as a) a tool to get the gang to Monroe and b) a way for Monroe to get Rachel to play nice. He’s less a character than an a device, which makes me wonder what role he’ll play when the back half of the season airs. (Danny is also my favourite character. Even though he’s a device. This may be an indicator of how bland everyone else is.)

Charlie met Rachel. Unlike Danny’s reunion with his mother, which involved 0.5 seconds of screen time and a hug, we actually got to see Charlie’s reaction to Rachel. She was confused, upset and angry. Of course, this wasn’t shown on her face (I’m sure I thought Tracy Spiridakos was a good actor in the pilot, but I take it all back), but it was there. I’m hoping Charlie doesn’t warm to her mother again too quickly. It’ll be nice to have some added tension in future episodes.

The Matheson girls were badasses. Alright, so ignoring how Charlie fluctuates between ‘I will kill you if you breathe too loudly’ and ‘I am a giggly fifteen year old’, she was actually pretty good at being badass this week. (Sidenote: Why didn’t they just make this character fifteen? She’s pretty much a teenage girl who’s of legal age solely for characters to sound less skeevy when they want to do bad things to her, which is a whole blog post in itself right there.) She wasn’t onscreen for long in comparison to other episodes, so that helped. Rachel continued to be awesome this week when she took down Monroe’s crazy sadistic torture soldier. Hopefully she’ll help Charlie to be less annoying and maybe she’ll even teach Nora a thing or two.

There were a couple of great scenes when Miles took Neville’s wife Julia hostage in return for the rest of the gang. I love that Julia was more willing to die than to hand anyone over to Miles. It seems as though Miles may have left them alive (because he’s an utter idiot). If so, I hope Julia stops being the pushy wife behind the scenes and steps up as a player in the Monroe Militia. She would be a better ‘bad guy’ than any of the current Militia leaders, especially if she was working to undermine Monroe’s command. (Sidenote: What happened to Jason?)

Then came the final ten minutes.

Here’s my overall problem with Revolution: I don’t care enough about the good guys. Judging by comments on both my previous reviews and online in general, that seems to be a problem a lot of people are having. In this week’s episode I actually cared more about Monroe than the group we’ve been following closely since the pilot episode.

Okay, so Monroe’s sympathetic backstory may have been a little over the top, and his sudden shift from composed villain to gibbering mess was definitely too sudden (a la Charlie), but in this episode I wanted to see him come out on top. I wanted Miles to rejoin the Militia and help get his friend in check, possibly even bringing down the Militia from the inside.

Miles chose not to do this, which is fine. But instead of Miles making a run for it after shooting Monroe’s Militia guards, he stayed put. And instead of shooting Monroe in the head while he delivered his monologue, Miles allowed Monroe to get the best of him and engage him in a swordfight — which for once Miles didn’t win. I know that Miles was affected by his longstanding friendship with Monroe, but Monroe has murdered people, forcibly taken over land, caused Ben Matheson’s death, kidnapped Danny, and kept Rachel locked up for a decade. Forget playing soldiers and guiding Monroe through his grief — just kill the bastard before he ruins more lives!

I have to admit that I almost forgave the show all its failings when we got a look at that first helicopter. I loved that the Militia pimped out their helicopters so that when/if the power came back on their enemies would see the Militia logo right before they were murdered. I loved it even more than I loved how the entire gang just stopped and stared at the helicopter with the big guns aimed right at them. How will they get out of his scrape? We’ll find out in four months…

What did you think of ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’? What are your thoughts on the first half of the season overall? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!