NCIS Season 10 Review “Gone” – Abby and Ziva Do Some Girl-Bonding

NCIS Season 10 Episode 8 Gone

In this episode of NCIS, called “Gone,” Gibbs and the rest of the team are put on the case of a kidnapped girl and also tasked with taking care of a traumatized girl who was forced to witness the whole ugly business.

You know, if this episode has had a few colored lights, Christmas carols, some snow and maybe a couple of Christmas trees added in to the mix, I could have easily mistaken it for this year’s holiday installment. And I mean that in the best way possible. This episode had a lot of heart to it and was full of those kinds of moments that bring our haphazard NCIS family closer together.

This time, the two members of the team that had a chance to bond a bit more were Ziva and Abby. It made sense that Gibbs would put them together with a frightened young girl. Though I expected Ziva and Abby to do well with keeping her happy, I didn’t necessarily expect them to get something out of the assignment as well. Much like Tony and Ziva’s time in the elevator, this extra time that Ziva and Abby got together allowed them to share things that I don’t think they had before, and interact in a whole new way. I really enjoyed all of their together.

Speaking of post-elevator Tony and Ziva, I was so incredibly relieved that Ziva’s friend turned out to be (as I suspected) a much older man. I was very happy that we didn’t get another Michael situation with all of that awkward jealousy and crazy fighting from a couple seasons ago. This new Tony and Ziva, the ones who are friends, are a lot more fun to watch.

My favorite bits..

Lydia beating at the guys with her purse. Good girl!

Ziva singing when Tony walked in.

“Why do bad guys get up so early?”

“Are we going up this street again?”
“Neither up this street or down this road.”

Totally beating Tony to singing the Laverne and Shirley theme song. What else do you do when you hear a name like Schmeil?

“Do not try to compete with my Schmeil.”

Lydia screaming that her father tried to save Rosie. Oh man, that killed me.

Really loving Tony in that sweater/dress shirt combo. Somehow it seemed to fit the somber mood of the episode.

“I’ll breathe when she’s back.”

Also loving that dress on Abby. What a great color. Love seeing her in different colors than just black or red.

Literally cheering when Gibbs punched that scumbag in the mouth.

“Boss, I thought you said you’d wait for me.”
“Yeah, I tried.”

“Knock yourself out.”
“Too late for that.” Ha! Nice zinger from McGee.

Gibbs giving Diesel his absolute worst stare after the guy made the joke about the sex offender website making it hard to meet chicks.

Abby watching as Ziva talked to Lydia about their mutual losses.

Ziva’s little smile when she saw Tony’s text.

Completely suspecting the guy in the white shirt at the bowling alley as soon as I saw him.

“I’ve seen bad turn to good plenty of times.”

Tony going down to check on “Stinky” personally.

“I’d need the waking, if only to have the pleasure of putting this creep to sleep all over again.”

“Time for a Hail Mary.”
“Or a Hail Miranda.”
“I will hail whatever you got.”

“Don’t let Gibbs’ décor fool you, ’cause upstairs it’s like a disco.”

Abby telling Lydia that Gibbs’ TV came over on the Mayflower. You know, I would almost believe it.

The look Abby and Ziva shared when Lydia said her dad loved westerns, too.

Miranda claiming that Gibbs was “still” fun. Okay now I really want to know under what circumstances these two met.

Tony doing an imitation of Ducky, and getting DuckSlapped for it.

“It’s a teenage girl and a smart phone; that is a no-brainer.”

AHA! I KNEW it! I totally suspected Fred the moment I laid eyes on him.”

“It’s a frying pan, it’s a little cliché.”
“It works for me.”

Gibbs holding Ziva back from hitting Fred again.

“I got scared, I got desperate.”
“YOU GOT CAUGHT!” – That was awesome.

“He’s like the most Zen hippo in the whole universe.” – Aw, now I want a Bert of my very own.

“I bet you were an awesome teenager.”
“I was awesomely awkward.”

Abby assuring Lydia that they would all stay friends when everything was over.

“We may not be related, but we can relate.”
“Amen to that.”

The entire conversation between Tony and Miranda.

“How’s your stomach, DiNozzo.”
“Queasy just thinking about it, Boss.” – Somehow I don’t think Tony was talking about the flight.

Gibbs’ ever-so-slight smile and nod when he saw Rosie reunited with her parents.

Lydia’s mom showing up just as Lydia wanted to talk to her. Dang it, that made me tear up a bit.

Abby giving Ziva a big hug.

Wait. Gibbs used to make moonshine? Interesting.

“Zebra can’t change its stripes.”
“No, but a woman can.” – Love that!

Finding out that Schmeil met Tony’s dad.

Tony doing a dead-on impression of his father…or was it of Robert Wagner? Wait, my brain hurts. LOL.

“DiNozzo, let’s party!” -You know, I’m thinking that’s the first time Tony was ever sorry to hear that phrase.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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