Haven Season 3 Review “Sarah”

Haven Season 3 Episode 9 Sarah (2)

Haven gave us its own version of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff in “Sarah.” After a Troubled Haven war veteran inadvertently zapped Nathan and Duke back to 1955, the two encountered Audrey’s former incarnation, Sarah, while trying to figure out how to get back to their own time.

I’m sure if Audrey could have encountered Sarah herself in 1955, she would have had a long list of questions to ask and maybe even some advice to offer. Since Mr. Mosely wasn’t shocked into zapping Audrey back in time with the boys, Nathan and Duke would have to do. Sarah had just arrived in Haven when she encountered Nathan for the first time and although there were little twists in her background, the driving force behind her getting to Haven in the first place ended up being remarkably similar to Audreys. Audrey’s Agent Howard apparently had a counterpart in Sarah’s time as well and played a direct role in getting Sarah to willingly stay in Haven to help the Troubled.

I’d be interested to find out what Audrey would have to say about Sarah and Nathan’s little romantic fling. Conversely, I wonder what Sarah would think about Nathan if she found out everything about his history with her future self and had all the information he had when he met her – would she be upset? Or would she consider future Audrey an extension of herself? I also can’t help but wonder how Jordan might feel about Nathan’s little moment with Sarah – does she have to worry now about competing with two versions of Audrey?

Knowing how Nathan feels about Audrey, I’m not entirely sure I can blame him for giving into a little romance with Sarah (and let’s be honest, Audrey does make an adorable 1950’s redhead) but I still haven’t decided how I feel about it all. Maybe Nathan and Sarah/Lucy/Audrey have some kind of timeless connection that hasn’t been fully explored or explained yet, but I think that if Duke had been in the same situation, he would have seen Audrey and Sarah as two completely different people and probably would not have let things get romantic with Sarah out of respect for Audrey.

Duke’s encounter with his grandfather, Ray, started off promising especially after Duke discovered that his grandfather shared similar feelings about his powers and was not the cold-hearted assassin that Duke had imagined. Things quickly went sour after Ray got it in his head that the only way he would be able to avoid being killed by Sarah was to kill her first. As much as Duke tried to give Ray the opportunity to change his future, Ray walked right into it. Ray’s dying words to Duke left him with a haunting message that it would be impossible to escape his fate. Despite his grandfather’s dying words, I hope that Duke remains idealistic in that sense and believes that he alone holds the power to change his own future.

As we watched events unfold in the past, the Haven of the present was rapidly warping out of the normal timeline. Of course, Audrey was the only one who could remember what Haven was supposed to be like. As Nathan and Duke unwittingly helped the past fall back into place, the future realigned and became the present that we were already familiar with. Nathan and Duke had already affected their present by doing everything they had done in the past.

For how confusing some time paradox plot lines can get on TV, Haven did a good job of keeping the timey wimey stuff relatively straightforward. In this story, the past had already been affected by the future, so everything Nathan and Duke did had already been accounted for even if they didn’t know they were involved going into it. As far as we know, no one fathered their own father while they were back in time, so there were no complicated timeline issues that stuck out and needed to be ironed out after they returned to their own timeline. The episode didn’t offer much in terms of seasonal arc progression, but it gave us a nice break in the complicated plot stuff so we could get some good character development and little peek at a version of Haven that we wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise.