Gossip Girl Season 6 Review “Save the Last Chance” – Despicable Dan and Icky Ivy

Just when you thought Ivy couldn’t get ickier…this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, “Save the Last Chance,” proved that there was no level of ickiness she was not willing to stoop to in order to take down Lily. Sleeping with Rufus was nothing. As it turned out, her mysterious partner wasn’t Lola, but Lola’s daddy, William. And they were partners in more than just crime.

Sorry, had to go take a shower and wash my eyes out with bleach. So, Ivy got the microfilm from the painting and decided to see who would jump at the bait first, Chuck or Bart. The cost was the destruction of Lily, something that Bart was willing to do, but Chuck wasn’t. Of course, things got twisted around to where Lily refused to believe Chuck when he told her the truth about Bart. She ended up destroying the evidence and forever severing her maternal ties with Chuck. Bart got exactly what he wanted and Chuck failed at his mission.

The timing couldn’t have been worse because on that same night, Blair absolutely triumphed in her mission. Despite Sage trying to double-cross her (again!), Blair let her work speak for herself and sold out her new teen collection, putting her back on top. She ran to tell Chuck the news only to find him stewing in Scotch and betrayal.

I realize I’ve said this before…but what is the point of this stupid pact Blair and Chuck made in Monaco?! I really didn’t think there could be a dumber way to keep them apart than last year’s pact with God, but I think the writers managed to come up with one over the summer. These two people are rich beyond belief; why don’t they just take their money and run off together? Why are there so many conditions to them being together? Bart already hates his son; at this point he can’t possibly think less of Chuck for being with Blair. I find it stupid and unnecessary, and with only three eps left, I’m worried that we’ll never get a final scene of Chuck and Blair hotness.

All right. Now let’s get to Dan. I cannot believe that I, like Serena, Nate and Rufus, fell for Dan’s faux-remorse. I should have known he had something up his dirty sleeve!! He doesn’t want a second chance with Serena; he just wants to dig up more dirt on her for his Serena chapter. Is anyone out there still making excuses for this guy? Well, you can stop. He’s crossed into inexcusable territory.

And if you’re still telling yourself that Blair is secretly in love with him, did you not hear her tell Serena during their reconciliation that she would have clawed her eyes out if Serena had gone after Chuck like Blair went after Dan? I really don’t know what more proof you need.

Let’s hope the last three episodes get it right. Let’s just not hold our breath.

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