Go On Season 1 Review “Back, Back, Back… It’s Gone!”

After weeks and weeks of waiting, it seems safe to say that Go On is what it is. It doesn’t matter how much you or I want the show to be better, it’s just not a very good show. While the setting seems unusual, the tropes are not. This week alone trotted out several tried and true comedy moments with execution ranging from poor to competent: The lead’s back goes out. The lead makes humorous entrances and facial expressions while trying to steal looks at an attractive stranger. The lead misreads signals and tries to kiss someone who has no interest in him. The packaging may be different, but the beats are the same.

Of course, I don’t think Go On is a bad show. On the contrary, it seems like exactly what NBC was looking for out of its new wave of sitcoms. The niche shows are headed out the door. The wave of NBC’s future is a show like Go On. It’s cute, occasionally humorous, and perfectly harmless. It features a charismatic leading face that you recognize to go along with a wacky group. I give kudos to NBC for finding a formula that is relatively successful for their brand. It’s exactly the type of show that could run for several seasons without really breaking stride. It’s well done enough to keep people coming back, while lukewarm enough to allow for the widest possible audience. If people continue to return to NBC, Go On could see its numbers continue to grow. It’s the kind of show that NBC could build a comedy block around. I’m just not sure it’s a comedy block that I want to watch in its entirety.

The show will continue to have its moments, but if you’re waiting for the major turning point moment from this series, it looks like it could be time wasted. That being said, the moments the show does have can be really amusing: Mr. K’s Fonzi impression reminds you why he gets to hang around. George describing Ann as an angry Audrey Hepburn seemed relatively inspired (and flattering!). And even Ryan dragging his poor assistant along to watch him play volleyball wasn’t all that bad. There’s a lot of competent comedic talent on this show. The pieces remain in place if they ever figure out how to put them together. Still, at this point, it’s hard to imagine the show making a leap. Please, feel free to continue to hope for the best version of this show. It’s a show worth aspiring to.

I just wouldn’t hold my breath for it.