CSI Season 13 Review “CSI on Fire” – Finn’s Secret

CSI Season 13 Episode 8 CSI on Fire (2)
I really wanted to like last week’s episode of CSI, but even though we finally got to find out about the terrible thing Finn did in Seattle, “CSI on Fire” was pretty much a painfully boring excursion. Maybe it was because of that recurring problem which is that these new characters are just not holding the special place in our hearts that is occupied by the original cast. Or maybe it had something to do with the episode being predictable from start to finish.

Whatever it was, it was hard to watch and doubly hard to review. Basically, Finn lost her job and her husband in Seattle because she Took It Personally. The creators of TWoP coined that phrase and it so perfectly applies to Finn that I couldn’t resist using it. She got so involved in the disappearance of a young girl that she broke the law and the ethics code to try to get DNA evidence on the millionaire a-hole who she was convinced had murdered the girl.

Of course, she was right. He did commit the crimes, and it was so convenient for him to dig up the bodies (because there were more girls…let’s make him as much as a monster as possible so that Finn will look totally justified) and rebury them in Las Vegas where Finn just happened to move a few years later.

The thing I didn’t get is why this case bothered Finn so much. At the time, it was just a disappearance. Usually when a CSI Takes It Personally, there’s something particularly gruesome or personal that forces them to connect with the victim. Think Sara in season five’s “Nesting Dolls.” I really never understood what Finn’s connection to the case was, if there was anything at all.

So…was this the big backstory they’ve been saving up for her? I was kind of hoping for something a little more, I don’t know, salacious. She risked her career for this case, but clearly didn’t lose herself entirely as she’s in Vegas, doing pretty well. What was the point of having her be the kind of CSI who crosses the line? Are we supposed to respect her for that? I don’t. Actually, I think I like her less now.

This never would have flown with Grissom. Under his direction, CSI’s like Catherine pushed the boundaries, but never, ever crossed them. Because of him, they had the utmost respect for the ethics and the responsibility of the job. If they couldn’t find the evidence, they knew better than to fake it. If they couldn’t get a warrant, they knew to approach the situation from another angle.

Finn needs a few lessons from Grissom. And batting her eyelashes won’t work on him.

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