2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Egg Special”

2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 8 And the Egg Special (8)

The “2 Broke Girls” finally made some headway on their dream this week, but not before going to some serious lengths in “And the Egg Special.” After Martha Stewart at long last made good on her promise to give the girls a solid plug in her magazine, the orders started coming in fast and furious. Having trouble keeping up, the two scrambled to find a venue in which to ply their wares on the cheap, amongst other obstacles.

Caroline: Can we do a bris?
Max: Sure, I’ll just make a little rosette foreskin and write around the outside: “Congratulations on not terrifying women in 20 years!”

Caroline excitedly rushed to tell Candy Andy the news, which led to the following amusing exchange:
Caroline: Did you see the new Martha Stewart Living?
Andy: Sorry, no. I still have to make my way through Glamour and Modern Bride.

Andy glumly informed them that there had been drama afoot in the area last night:
Max: Drama in a candy store? Did the yogurt-covered craisins finally realize how stupid they were and commit mass suicide?
Andy: It was a drug deal gone wrong.
Max: I know! Why can’t a drug deal ever go right?

Andy informed them that there had been a murder across the way at the very soup kitchen they frequented in episodes past. Max could hardly contain herself as she broke into the kitchen and gloried at the carnage. I honestly don’t know what was more disturbing- all the blood spatter on the walls- or Max’s undeniable glee at the sight of it:
Max: This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! Take a picture of me over here. I finally have a reason to join Instagram! People are gonna be like: food, food, cat, nails, nails…murder?
Andy: I’m gonna go over to my store and go splatter blood on my walls so Max will like it more.

Max has the bright idea of buying the location, figuring that the price will be low because of what happened there, which Caroline confirms:
Max: We can put our red velvets over there by the random skull fragments!
Caroline: When people die, it’s a buyer’s market. You want to rent a room in that “Shining” hotel now; it’s like 50 bucks a night!

The two take their hopes to a girl-power friendly loan office, where, according to Caroline, they offer sweet deals on girl-operated small businesses: “I’m talking girl-on-girl financing!” Alas, they do not fare too well, thanks in part to Max’s lack of interview skills and Caroline’s ill-timed declaration of the happy times she had with the BF:
Loan Officer: I’m afraid we’re gonna have to deny the loan.
Max: Why? Because she had a good orgasm? Isn’t that what the 70s were about for you gals?

Then Max gets the bright idea to sell off her eggs for profit for the- ahem- seed money for their cupcake franchise. Caroline is dubious, but Max calls her on it: “You’re complicating this with those things you call “emotions”.”
Caroline: I know you’ve always been tough. To hear you tell it, you were part of an underground baby fight club!

At the clinic, Max eventually jokes that getting rid of some eggs will leave more room for beer:
Caroline: “Lose some eggs, more room for beer”…it’s crazy that’s not their slogan.

Alas, the clinic wants none of the likes of Max’s eggs:
Doctor: Under your family history, you put “drinking” and “secrets.”
Caroline: Who wouldn’t want a baby with such strength, beauty…and a rack so great it could breast feed itself?

So Caroline volunteers for the job, as her eggs are “Ivy League” quality, but chickens out when she sees she’ll have to donate 8 (!) vials of blood, causing a blood splatter incident that comes close to the soup kitchen.
Says Max: Maybe we should see if this place is for rent?

In the end, it’s Sophie that lends a helping hand after initial skepticism about lending money to friends. She was rewarded with a line I actually laughed at genuinely for once:
Sophie: Hi, Max! It’s chilly outside. Nipples everywhere!
(It never ceases to amaze me how actress Jennifer Coolidge can do so much with so little to work with. I don’t know why the writers seem so at a loss to write her some funny lines when they fare so well elsewhere, but God bless Coolidge for doing her best with what she has. Give that girl all the cupcakes she wants!)

Some good moments here and there- I liked Max’s declaration about how “my ears are so not used to anything good coming out of my mouth!”- and the hug call-back at the end with Caroline was actually really sweet (“You look like you want a hug”/ “I do.”). I also love that when Max challenged Caroline to come up with an example of excellent mothering from history, the name she came up with was… Hilary Duff! That answer was so very Caroline, and I loved it.

What can I say? I do love this show, sometimes in spite of myself. It ain’t Shakespeare, but who cares? We all can use a good laugh here and there, even one in bad taste from time to time. Now if we could just get a few more to Coolidge…

What did you think of “2 Broke Girls” this week? Good stuff, or a bit of a miss? Was the gallows humor a bit much? Do the clinics really screen girls that much for egg quality? Are you pulling for the girls to hit it big, or do you hope they stay broke, if only for the sake of the show’s premise? Let me know in the comments!