The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Game Changers”: Jennifer Beals Comes On The Scene

The Mob Doctor Episode 7 Turf War

I’m a little at a loss as to how to actually recap this week’s episode. Sure, the show has always been disjointed, but this episode, “Game Changers,” felt more disjointed than ever. I think I’ll revert to how I used to recap Chicago Fire and just lump the medical stuff together and the mob stuff together. It seems like it’ll be easier that way.

Firstly, Grace has to work on a patient named Kate. We find out that she’s a girl from Grace’s past. Grace and Nate knew the girl since she was four years old or something like that. But now, Kate, who used to be a straight-A student, is now strung out on heroine. Her boyfriend is her dealer and is aiming to keep her in the world of drugs. Grace is called to Kate’s mother’s house to care for Kate, who is undergoing intense withdrawal symptoms. Beforehand, Kate told her mother to put handcuffs on her so she wouldn’t run away when she tried to go cold turkey, but now the handcuffs are beginning to dig into her wrists. After Grace gets her sedated, she takes her to the hospital until she can get to a rehab center.

That’s when the boyfriend shows up to take Kate back. Kate, still under the influence of the withdrawal, goes with him, leaving her mother distraught. But like I said before, Grace is a lot more underhanded than she thinks she is. She decides to get Nate to ask his bouncer friends to come with her to the clearing Kate’s “people” have adopted as their home to “talk” to Kate’s boyfriend. Of course, “talking” means beating the boyfriend up before taking Kate–who is in worse shape than before–back to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Grace suggests to Kate’s mother for Kate to undergo a forced withdrawal in which Kate would be put in an induced coma until the drugs have leaked out of her system. Then, she’d be placed in a rehab center. The problem is that Kate, 18, has to consent. However, Grace gets Kate’s mother to agree that Kate would consent since it was Kate’s idea to have the handcuffs in the first place. Like I said, Grace is a lot more conniving than she thinks she is.

Meanwhile Dr. White and Brett (along with Ajay Mehta, aka Fiber One’s “Mr Mehta,” as Dr. Sanjay Chopra) are dealing with a patient who has sustained injuries from parachuting off a skyscraper. When the team (which includes Grace only so she and Brett can be uncomfortable when Dr. Chopra arranges a date for Brett with his daughter) find out the patient has lymphoma. When Brett and Grace tell the patient, he says he already knew he had lymphoma; he was trying to live life to the fullest, which included maxing out all his credit cards and doing everything on his bucket list. Things get kicked up a notch when, after a nap, he wakes up and has no sight. After an excruciatingly gross scene where they get fluid from the backs of his eyeballs, Brett and Dr. White find out that the patient doesn’t have lymphoma at all; he has toxoplasmosis, a parasitical infection that can look like lymphoma. So, he just has to get treated for lymphoma and he’s all cured! He’s going to live! Too bad he’s in debt up to his (hopefully better) eyeballs, though.

Meanwhile, Grace is getting hints from everyone in the universe–Rosa, Franco, me as a viewer–to get out of the mob. There’s nothing for her there. Franco even tells her she should have left when she had the chance. Later on, she even realizes that she’s not beholden to Constantine because Moretti’s gone, and she tells him so. However, he’s “very disappointed” she wants to leave. Why is he disappointed? He told her to leave town in the first episode!

However, she’s in too deep now. Constantine’s enforcer tells her that while Constantine might have a soft spot for her, he has none. Basically, if she wants to live, she has to do what Constantine says when he calls, or else he’ll tell the authorities (some I guess Constantine has on the payroll) about her dealings with the mob and get her in trouble. Not only that, but Franco has informed her that she has an FBI file because of her dealings with Constantine. For some reason, she’s surprised by this.
Why are you surprised by this, Grace! You’re not helping out the Shriner’s International or any other good organization–you’re helping criminals! What part of “helping the mob” don’t you understand?

Anyway, she’s told by the enforcer that she’s better at being a mobster than she thinks, that it’s in her blood. I’ll say it’s in her blood–she’s been doing well conning people into getting surgeries and other procedures throughout this entire season!

Also, Grace now knows Franco’s an undercover cop who’s trying to get back into the game to bust the “outfit,” as their now being called. Franco aims to show the detective that he’s valuable and can’t be shipped off to Miami by staking out the big meeting Constantine’s having with many of the big mobster heads around Chicago, including some hypochondriac mob boss named Seamus. However, Seamus is represented by his wife, Constantine’s old girlfriend and former call girl-turned-madam Celeste (Jennifer Beals). She earns her place at the table, to paraphrase her, by giving her “little black book” of officials that are also part of Chicago’s underbelly. With Franco getting pictures of everyone who came to the meeting, he earns his place back on the Constantine case.

That’s about it. I have a few thoughts, though:

Grace is a Mary-Sue. If you read fanfiction, you already know what a Mary-Sue is, but a Mary-Sue is a female character that seems to get out of all sticky situations, has everyone on her side (even evil people), has a lot of men chasing after her for her hand, has extraordinary abilities, etc., etc. Grace fits that perfectly–she’s a surgeon that seems to know how to do every type of surgery even though she’s a thoracic surgeon; she has Constantine as a “friend”; both Brett and Franco are fighting over her and she somehow can bend all the rules imaginable–both in the mob and at the hospital–and only get so much as a light tap on the wrist.

Constantine is a diabetic? When did that happen? Was that information in the pilot? If so, why are we just now coming back to it? And how come Constantine needs insulin injections now in this episode when we never saw him needing injections before (not counting the pilot if it was shown)? If she has to inject him every day, that’s not only cumbersome to her cover as a “by-the-book” surgeon, but it’s cumbersome in just everyday activities. Constantine’s a busy man; is he supposed to have his whole schedule on hold because he has to wait on Grace to get a break? And what if she can’t get a break? He’d have to be sent to the hospital for having a high sugar level or diabetic shock or something.

Jennifer Beals needs to stay. Now that Moretti’s gone, we need another scene chewer, and Beals is doing just that. She brought life to those mob scenes. Why can’t the show just be about her and how she got to be where she is? Seeing how she’s turned from a call girl to the mastermind behind the pleasure business would make a great show. I’d watch that in a heartbeat. Oh well, in a perfect world, that would be so…

Well, that’s that. We’ll see what Beals does next week, since we already know what Grace is going to do–whine about being in the mob while staying in the mob.